Card Based Web Design Tips and Examples

Several months ago we wrote articles about web design trends in 2016, for example, flat design, content design, minimal design, etc., and we believe that card-based web design is the top list of this year’s web design trends Should be in So let’s see why mobile apps adding websites are moving away from normal pages and switching to a new personalized experience – the card.

What is a card called from web design?

As you can find by name it is all about the card. Card based web design breaks the contents of a page into smaller blocks so that you can focus on each of them. Pinterest is a simple and well-known example of a card-based interface; Easy, clean and organized way for users to display many different themes and an easy and eye catching way to see it. So why are they so beneficial?

Benefits of web design of used cards

Play with a form; First of all, you can play with a form, shape and color based on your wishes and priests. The card may contain a text, a picture, a link to something else. They may have rectangles or more square forms. They can be large or small. Cards have a freedom in how they can look.

Sorted content; You must agree that a streamlined content is easy to read and pass through. Here comes a card-based design, dividing the card contents into enough segments that cover less screen space.

Visual ASPES; It is our nature to pay more attention to the bright and attractive side of a website or mobile app. Cards are always noticeable. Actually, card based interfaces get more engagement than any other simple page.

METAPHORICITY; We all know about cards from daily life: business cards, play cards and so forth. Same here. The card is a great communication tool for quick stories and responses. Compare with business cards. The essential information you need to know about a person is usually placed on both sides of the card.

Responsibility and mobile design perfectly; Card based web design is ideal for both websites and mobile apps. This creates an integrated aesthetic quality across multiple devices.

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Utility – Making cards looks stylish, remember about usability that should be the number one priority. Take advantage of SIMPLE LAYERS – try to create a single card style for the entire interface. Get good ideas on Google content design.

Remember to Type Simple – Type – When it comes to typography in card based web design, simple fonts are the optimal decision. The best option is to choose 2 fonts; One for the main body, and another for the headline or any call to action. Remember about the contrast of typography, the content should be easy to find and read. What you can play is the size of a font. Have an idea of ​​harmonic type design and easily readable cards. To better understand typography principles you can check our recent article about it and get the latest trends.

Fewer UI elements – Do not go overboard with UI elements. One card = one verb. The goal of a card is not to keep everything in one place, but to capture a user’s eye with the correct image and capacitive words. Gets a bunch of user interface elements like a single button, animation and etc. Keep it clean, simple and understandable.

ANIMATION – Animation is another trend and it is now everywhere. This may be the right case for using it, but use it effectively to attract the human eye. It is an ideal tool to control visual hierarchy and add some intrigue in the form of cards.

Use a GRID – Follow this required rule. It helps to align things correctly.

BALANCE – Card based web design is about simplicity, but every detail at the same time makes sense and adds value. Try to achieve an informative text and a balance of engaging and informative, emotional images.

Attractive – Make your card based web design more attractive and special than others. Give an eye for details. Be unique in your design, this is the key to success.

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The list of examples goes further: Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others use card-based web design. However, I think we are just getting started and I really believe that this growing trend of tablets and smartphones will be driven to keep cards at the top of web design for a long time.

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