When Apple announced the iPad Pro 2018 last month, one thing became clear – its leadership on mobile chipsets is much larger than traditional traditional ARM and Intel competitors on the x86 side of things, so the iPad is now the MacBook’s real competitor in arithmetic.

This feature, when viewed from the iPad Pro lens, makes it clear that there is the potential to be the ultimate laptop, which can also double as a gaming device.

Of course, many people think they can completely get rid of their laptops and upgrade the iPad Pro; Above all, this is Apple’s vision for the future of computers.

The new iPad Pro has been tested for the past five days and we will answer this question in this article. It depends on the person in use, from one person to another, so the answer is more accurate than answering yes or no.

“I like to watch movies on the go.”

If this is the main use then you will find that the iPad Pro is better than any MacBook Air or any other MacBook that it was specifically designed for.

Whether you want to watch a movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the iPad Pro not only offers great screens, it also has speakers for travelers – and more than that, apps on iOS let you download shows and movies locally, something you can do No, it’s not Mac.

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a 12.9-inch model, you’ll find that the screen is great for video use and loudspeakers like the MacBook Pro.

“I will use it with Microsoft Office to perform the primary task”

Microsoft builds a powerful suite of Office apps for the iPad Pro. These applications can be accessed with an Office 365 subscription.

For most people, these apps will be more than good enough – though they aren’t really as rich as Office apps in Windows or MacOS.

You can get Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for email and calendar. Unlike Microsoft applications, all of Google’s applications are as native experience in the iPad Pro and work to the same level as the web application you use in your web browser.

Likewise, Apple has iWork apps – preloaded pages, numbers and keywords.

About Email, Microsoft Outlook is a great free alternative to the Apple Email app

Gmail is great if you’re a Gmail user and Spark also has a payment option that works great in Outlook and Gmail’s workflow.

“How good is a web browser?”

For most people, the web browser on the iPad Pro will be more than good enough.

However, if you are looking for sophisticated Flash based web applications then the iPad Pro will be a dead end.

For example, the PC Mag India Content Management System is a web-based workflow when the iPad Pro improves things, but my previous employer, India Today, had a somewhat obscure CMS system and the iPad Pro couldn’t use it.

Even today, this national Flash-based CMS will not be compatible with the new iPad due to the way web browsers and iOS are designed.

Videos are typically analyzed for iOS apps – as are the examples for YouTube and Vimeo.

“Is this good for games?”

If you are a serious computer or console, the iPad Pro will feel frustrated, but at the same time, you will have trouble finding the gaming devices you need at the iPad price.

If you are a working player, like to spend time with PUBG and Fortnite or hell, and even if you are serious about these games, the iPad Pro becomes a lot of fun.

It has unmatched Xbox One S compatible graphics, which means amazing graphics potential on the Apple A12X Bionic chip. IOS games are among the best and are consistent with the increasing console quality immersion.

Take things to another level with games like the iPad Pro Assassin’s Creed and NBA 2K2 that run console-level drives on the iPad Pro, and the race won’t break even when playing these games.

Go and conclude! Make no mistake, this is a medium sized gaming machine, safely predict some incredible PlayStation 4 divisions!

“What about professional applications like Photoshop, FCP and Ableton Live?”

Traditionally, there are home to associate applications that work with the iPad Mac.

These applications have generally been expanded. Now, it is starting to change.

For example, Apple has worked closely with Adobe to create an iPad-specific version of Photoshop that runs the entire App Engine, tuning it with a touch interface and Apple Pencil.

Last year, the luminous and demanding performance was the equivalent of continuing the Mac’s i7 processor. So far, Apple has only made limited progress.