Best Games to Play on PlayStation Now

Best Games to Play on PlayStation Now

For those who are not aware, PlayStation Now is a subscription service offered by Sony. For $ 9.99 / month you get access to about 800 games, with new titles added regularly.

The service includes some killer games that you can stream or download on your PS4. You can also use PS Now to play PlayStation games on your PC.

PlayStation Now offers a wide variety of gamers, including platformers and puzzlers. Triple-AAA major titles exist with relatively unknown-yet cool indie games.

The problem of having so many games to choose from is deciding which game to play. So, to help you decide, here are the best games to play on PlayStation Now.

Best fighting game on playstation now
PS Now is loaded with awesome fight titles. Sadly, Tekken is not included here, but there are plenty of other games to fix your footpath. Here’s what we got.

Street fighter 5

One of the top 10 best-selling Capcom games of all time (even beating Monster Hunter in sales), Street Fighter 5 is a terrific rendition of the classic beat-em-up.

The fifth installment added four new characters to the game, with classic characters such as Kane and Ryu for SF purists. The game also introduced V-Gauge, which introduces new abilities for each character during a fight. Hadouken!

Fighting vip

Developed by Sega AM2, Fighting Vipers was originally released back in 1996 for the powerful Sega Saturn. Therefore, if you want to serve your polygonal pit-hoof as well as indifference, then you have come to the right place.

The game has Arenas attached to Close-Combat (as opposed to Virtual Fighter) and the game also features an armor mechanic to make things a bit more interesting.

Now the best platform games on PlayStation

Everyone loves a good platform game and PS Now has plenty to choose from. Sadly, you don’t have any of the Crash Bandicoot games, but you can still enjoy the run-and-jump platforming action.

Ever wanted to play a game as a slice of bread? Yeah, we didn’t think of that until we got our hands on the brilliant indie platformer I’m Bread.

Yes, a hero can be a cooked product, but your job is to help this sliced ​​superstar become a toast and you will have a lot of questionable situations to contend with along the way. An excellent interpretation of the stage style.

Q * bert reboot

Retro-gaming enthusiasts will remember Q * bert. The funnel-face-cube-hopper first saw the light of day in an arcade cabinet. Q * Burt Rebooted has been ported to a myriad of consoles and computers before finally bringing it to the PS4.

You will be pleased to know that you can play both the original and rebooted versions through the same game stream.

Best driving games on playstation now

We chose “driving” as “racing” because some of the best car games on PSNow are not technically racers. However, if you’re a speed-demon, jump on the driver’s seat, and burn some rubber.

crazy Taxi

Originally released as an arcade game, Crazy Taxi was ported to the Sega Dreamcast in 2000 and should be one of the best point-racing games out there.

As you can guess from the name, you play the role of a taxi driver who needs to get passengers to their place in the allotted time. With bonus points for silly stunts and crazy crashes. A timeless game.


If drifting around the dog is your bag, then the 2019 rendering of the World Rally Championship game in PS Now — WRC 8 — is yours to play.

The game features a completely revived career mode and some of the best depictions of the season we’ve ever seen in a game. Do you feel like you have to zip around an icy track without looking at the icy Vermland views?

Now Best Horror Games on PlayStation

If you ask us, there is nothing better than scaring yourself off a good old horror game. If horror movies (such as these horror movies to watch on Netflix) are your go-to genre, then horror games will undoubtedly be on your list of games. Here is a pair of pixel petrifiers that dive you behind the couch.

Scary Movies- Netflix
11 Best Horror Movies on Netflix
Here are the best horror movies to watch on Netflix that will freeze you, whether it is Halloween or not.

dead Space 3

Add a scary twist to the already desolate loneliness of outer space and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a fantastic game. Fortunately, Visceral Games flexed its muscles of quietness and delivered Dead Space 3.

The third installment in the series sees you playing as Isaac Clarke as he goes near a second-world tundra to take on the hidden Necromorphs and Marker’s enemies.

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