Man finds happiness, sees and does not win, because his mind and body are not healthy. Anxiety, fear, apprehension, sadness are such prohibitive expressions that make every person careless about both its existence and identity. Being good or bad does not happen in the hands of a person, circumstance or other person. It depends on the balance or imbalance of man’s mind and body. There is a deep connection between body and mind. The health of both of them is related to each other. The mind is affected by physical situations and events, mental conditions and events are affected by it. ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body.’ This is incomplete truth. With this we should also add, ‘healthy body builds with healthy mind’.

More than the disease, we become impaired by the anxiety of diseases. Whenever there is a disease attack on the body, we should pay special attention to the health and balance of thoughts. Today, there is more talk of ‘Faith-Healing’, which can be called a form of therapy by faith and spirit. Even using physical therapy, we should use this spiritual healing. Today’s life is full of ups and downs, people sometimes lose, things sometimes happen. It is not easy to handle yourself. Do not understand, do you understand / write emotions in Secret Life of Water, if you are feeling depressed, weak, frustrated, doubt or hesitant, then return to yourself, see yourself interview yourself That’s where you are currently, what are you and you will find yourself, this situation of self-realization will bloom you like a lotus flower, The mud also blossoms with complete beauty. ‘ In this way, between all the obstacles and problems, you will be able to see happiness coming down into life. Pleasure is the best chemical in the world. The one who constantly consumes it, the disease-resistant power is automatically developed.

The word ‘health’ is considered synonyms of the English word ‘healthy’. But the secret that is hidden in the healthy, is not in the word of heli. The person who is stable in his pure nature, he is healthy. According to this definition healthy is that which is healthy not only from body but also from thoughts. The soul, the senses and the mind are pleased, it is healthy. Development of positive thoughts is essential for a healthy life.

Today everybody is in search of happiness and it is good to read Khalil Gibran who writes, ‘I also say that life is really dark, if not aspiration. All the desires are blind if there is no knowledge. All knowledge is useless if there is no knowledge of karma. ‘ It is therefore necessary to rely on self, man can remain healthy only in life, then only he gets high when he trusts himself that I am infinite powerful, I am the center of energy. Otherwise, half a lifetime of misery, we take up that we do not understand what we really are /