The only superheroes who thought they could imitate him were Batman. Although he has no real power, he has a variety of interesting and useful tools that help him fight crime and stop bad guys.

You’re not playing in the gimmick ray or watching a radioactive spider lining up to become a superhero; The consequences of this experience will be catastrophic. However, purchasing equipment and training with it is a viable option

The Dark Knight application has caught the attention of the world and left fans wondering about the Batman-esque tools available for purchase.

Below is a list of 10 real-time Batman tools and technologies. These tools are classified into three categories: war, utilities and vehicles


Personal protection is the highest priority during a war. The D30 Armor is the most impact resistant material available on the market. It absorbs shock quickly by spreading the effect throughout the material.

Flexibility allows it to form easily around the sensitive part of the body. While law enforcement, the military, and athletes rely heavily on these elements for protection, it can assist during the Rumble, even though it may not lead to dispersal.

Bodyguard Thunderbolt Glove

Since Batman doesn’t like killing people, the rifle is inappropriate. To replace a gun, the bodyguard thunder glove is the best option

The device has an LED flashlight, lightning, strike, high-resolution camera and laser guide.

There is ample space in the front of the device to hold radios, navigation devices and other useful equipment to help protect the enemy.

Batarang to return

Victor Pullin has created a Butterong that will come to you when casting. Although he probably won’t come back when you hit an opponent, he won’t miss you.

The idea behind this is that when you hit a villain, you’ll be able to retrieve that tool because you hit him with the size makes it harder to cover your elbow belt, but it’s great for you to have a car.


StickEnfined Bluetooth stickers can track criminals up to 10 feet and provide their last known location out of range.

You even have the ability to set an alert on your cell phone when the sticker returns to range. An underground bunker will not help your opponents with this advanced technology.

Wrestling guns

As Batman’s longtime chief, the dog’s revolver will help you get into the enemy’s loft, that is, your tree house or escape quickly.

In all versions of Batman, the scroll pistol is small enough to move into its elbow belt. In real life, this is not possible and it should be even bigger.

The Grapel Gun is a great component for saving a Batmobile. With this weapon you can easily extend the buildings easily. If some villain thinks he can fall on the roof of a building, he will come up with something else.

GoMotion Waist Light

There are many situations where a true Dark Dark Knight needs light without the use of his hands.

The 100 lumen bulb offers three intensity levels and a adjustable beam angle. In many cases there are moisturizing packets to get thirsty.

Pocket Weighing Pocket

If the locking is too heavy to wrap around, the pocket hooks will help you increase the size of the buildings and even mount them on the elbow belt.

When the right cable is used, the cooker can support 350 pounds. Although you may not be able to use it officially in high-rise buildings, they are ideal for homes and other small building extensions.

The tool’s minimal size makes it easy to hide inside your belt, among other tools.

The hardest part is hiding the amount of wire needed to connect the hook.

Using a little creativity will help you solve problems. Do not wander around in your area to try to grow homes or you will be arrested.

Bluetooth headset

A Bluetooth headset allows you to connect to your mother, at the base of your home, when she calls you and says that dinner is ready.

There have been several occasions in Batman’s 75 years as Alfred called in to provide important information that helped him during the war during the critical scene.

Of course during this conflict, you can’t hit your cell phone to make a call. Therefore, the hidden Bluetooth headset is perfect in such cases.


Although the hoverbike is still in the prototype stage, it will be a great choice once marketed.

Hoverbikes give you the ability to scroll 10,000 feet above the ground so you can hunt down villains across the country or city. The car has an 1170 cc engine that gives you all the power you need to gain the upper hand while chasing it.