The Amazon Echo family of smart speakers that rely on Alexa’s assistant continue to grow. We now have a quick account in Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show and Echo Show 5.

Before we think about Echo Input and Echo Sub. Echo Show 5 is the latest addition to the lineup, attracting the trend as consumers prefer to display the screen with their smart speakers.

Even within the Echo lineup, Echo Show 5 is the third smart show. If you let you scratch your head at this point, don’t worry, because we will understand the entire puzzle for you.

How much will it cost you

The price of Echo Show 5 is Rs. 8999, meaning it is the lowest smart offer you can buy.

In many ways, the price of Google Nest Hub is relatively high.

The Echo Spot is priced at Rs 12,999 and is very spoiled now as the lineup includes this Echo Show 5 lineup, while the really cool Echo Show will bring you back Rs 22,999.

The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch screen (960×480 resolution). It packs a 1.65-inch speaker and features a 1-megapixel front camera for video calls, drop-downs, and video calls. Echo Spot, which has been around for a while, has a 2.5-inch round screen.

The rounded Dolop display adds real uniqueness to the user experience, but limits its usability to some extent if you want to watch video content.

The inside is a 1.4-inch speaker and a VGA front camera. At the top of the pyramid, Echo Show is located, with a large 10.1-inch screen (1280 x 800 resolution). It also has a 5MP front camera.

The sound is great, as Echo is displayed in 10W dual audio drivers and a passive radiator for low frequencies. This smart screen also supports the Dolby sound system, which really makes a big difference.

What does that look like

At first glance, Echo Show 5 looks like Echo Show, which is mostly intended for intentions and purposes.

The wedge shape design has been preserved and this time also covered with cloth – at the moment you’ll get a black and white option. Whether this is practical or not, it depends on whether you intend to keep Echo Show 5.

Maybe on a bedside table, or on your work desk, this is definitely the most comfortable place. In all scenarios where you will be closely connected to the smart screen, the smaller Echo Show 5 is better suited.

But if you want to place a smart display on the end table, kitchen table, dining table, or somewhere in the entertainment console, the large Echo Show will be very convenient when connecting remotely with Alexa.

Is it visual fun

The simple fact is that this 5.5-inch display won’t actually win any of the display quality awards. It is not the fastest or richer, but again, it is designed for purpose and it delivers that purpose to perfection.

There is an automatic brightness mode that adjusts the lighting according to the intensity of light in the room and remains completely dark with a very dark red line color around the clock, if you turn off all the lights before you press the bed at night give.

The arguments appear to be acceptable in this, which is a successful tag in the checklist.

The basics are in place – time and weather are available at a glance, and there are also great customization options.

What about music

The 1.65-inch speaker is slightly larger than the round echo spot in this package.

This means that when you play music again, it should be better in theory. The difference in the real world is minimal, but if you listen closely, Echo Show looks wider than Echo Spot, which means more details are leaking from your ears.

One reason for this is that the speaker has a relatively large network area in terms of sound delivery. “Alexa, playing some new Bollywood music” produces a bunch of tunes out loud and certainly well detailed to listen to.

However, low frequencies will be lost every now and then, but this should be expected as it is not passive coolant to deliver a thump. After all, it is distributed for a wide range of content including music, news updates, weather updates, search results and podcasts.

Can you hear me well? This is an interesting trend. Echo (Audio-Only One, Mind You) has 7 built-in microphones for listening to voice commands.

The large environmental exhibition contains four. Both work with the same precision in similar setup and placement scenarios. Echo Show 5 contains only two microphones. I never even failed to listen to my commands, even if I stayed in the room.

This is testimony to the fact that Amazon is incredibly confident that the microphone works perfectly, and from my experience, it does. This brings us precisely to the next topic, a very important idea.

But what about my privacy? Yes, this question is gaining a lot of traction these days, with almost any device that transmits a camera and microphone to your bedroom or living room. You don’t even have to feel that Echo Show has a switch in your upper spine.

First, there’s a mute button to turn the microphone off if you don’t want to listen to Amazon (or anyone else’s potential third party) to a clip of your audio conversation with someone. This button was in the Echo Show program in addition to the Echo speaker only.

However, the other big addition is the shutter button, which actually blocks the front viewfinder as well as the only program option in the Settings app. If someone decides to leave at this point, they can only make a voice call with you.

Does anyone have any skills? Yes, the larger the environment, the greater the skills. For example, the Amazon Prime video library is close at hand.