Over a period of 7 months, we created hundreds of media monitoring projects to gather more than 2.8 mentions and 14 million interactions.

We analyzed this data and created a custom algorithm for each digital market to get the most accurate information on the type and scale of impact – and not just that.

Digging into all the mentions, interactions and social media reach for every digital marketing expert gave us some eye-opening insights into how the top 100 digital marketers became very good at what they do – including essential best practices is.

But enough talk. Find out more inside the report:

Check out the report to know the top 100 digital marketers of 2018, add new inspiration to your social feed and learn how you can do it:

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Inside report
View all data, provided by Brand24. This includes the total number of each digital marketer, mentions, interactions, social media reach and their customized brand 24 influencer score.

Find out where your favorite digital marketers stand in the top 100 and read about the very important best practices they use to get the best results.

Analyzing the data helped us identify the top digital marketing influencers in these categories:

Top 20 Digital Marketers Are Beyond Social Media
Top 20 Digital Marketers With Greatest Social Media Reach
Top 20 Digital Marketers Discussed by Other Digital Marketers
Top 20 Most Digital Marketers Engaged

Our practice

All of the data was collected with online media monitoring – the practice of collecting mentions from various online sources. We used the media monitoring tool Brand24 to get online mentions from social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, etc.) as well as social (forums, blogs, news sites, and more).

How did we analyze the data?
You must have seen our modest report last year, Top 100 Marketing Influencer 2017. This was our first time dealing with a project like this, and we were blown away by the response. Taking all of the insights, comments, and feedback that we received from our readers, we set this year’s level:

We created a custom algorithm to calculate the Brand24 Influencer score for each digital marketer for the Top 100 Digital Marketers 2018.

The Brand24 Influencer Score considers each influential person’s mentions (both on social media and beyond), their content (likes, upvotes, comments, and shares) as well as accessing their social media. The overall position of each digital marketer in the Top 100 Digital Marketers 2018 is based on this unique score.

What’s new in this year’s report?

Like the experts on our list, we are always trying to raise the bar. So we have made some changes in this new version:

This year’s report is still based on data, but we have decided to create a new scoring method that reflects more accurately and scale of impact for each digital marketing influencer.

We focused on digital marketers.

These digital marketing experts have created an amazing presence on the Internet. As a result, they are often cited by reputable sources.
In this year’s edition the design has also been made sleek and easy to follow, which will make the data easier to understand.

Historically, crowds were not stimulated by data reports or business reports. Data reports have always been important for businesses. However, they have been a necessary evil, created by analysts and advisors. The term usually combines images of static PDFs, old-school PowerPoint slides, and large tables.

Typically created with past data without the possibility of generating real-time or future insights, these reports were obsolete, including multiple external and internal files, without proper data management processes.

It will not happen this way. The business intelligence industry has revolutionized in the last decade and the data reports are fun. The growth of innovative report tools means that you can create data reports that people like to read. If you use business intelligence properly, not only will you be able to connect your data dots, but you can control your data across the company and improve your bottom line.

In this post, we will explain what a data report is, how to write one and provide the best possible examples built with modern software.