What is confidence ? Who is confident person? What quality he/she have to say if he/she is confident person? Are we a confident person? How can we be a confident person? There are numerous of questions that run in our minds. But we could not get the answers. For this we join classes and waste our money too. And still can not get that confidence.

I am here to give you the answer of all these questions. You can become the person you want to be. I have list of tips that can help you in building the confidence level.


1. Stop comparing yourself with others.

First of all is to stop comparing yourself with others. We usually look at others and feel like if we could be pretty, smart, intelligent, sarcastic, humorous, as they are. But trust me you have your own qualities. You have your own flow of managing the things.

2. Start loving yourself.

Second is to start loving yourself. Your mom kept you in her stomach for nine months to make your heart and come into this world. Do not give anyone a single chance to broke your heart right away. Loving yourself means respect yourself and this means others will do too.

 3. Live your life on your own conditions.

People do not know about themselves. They do not know how  to do things by themselves but when it comes on giving an advice. They will give you tons of advice and all irrelevantly. So better do not give a damn to this and focus on your own terms.

4. Do what you like or love to do.

Today’s scenario is “WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY”. Stop thinking this thing. People are going to  judge you no matter what you do. So just shake it off and get going with what you like or love to do.

5. Do not criticize yourself.

Mistakes are happened by humans. It is a natural thing just keep on going. Take a look on it, learn from your mistake and move on. Do not criticize yourself. See good things in yourself and a positive side of yours.

6. Start communicating with positive people.

Strictly, NOTE :- STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE,  negative minded people will make you negative. Stay away from them or maintain distance from them. Start communicating with positive people. It will help you in building confidence.

7. Forgive and forget. 

Life is really short and you never know what will happen in next second. So better to forgive the persons at whom we are mad. Wish good stuffs even to those who do bad things to you.

8. List all your good qualities.

This is last one, look easy too. But it is not easy as it seems. You will get stuck while noting down on some points. But believe me you are more better than that.

So guys these are the points to build up your confidence. Trust me, believe me it is worthy as it is said. Just follow these simple tips. You will start feeling change in yourself. Confidence level will get boost up.