7 Entry-Level Technology Jobs for 2-Year Degree Holders

Wouldn’t it be great to really enjoy working once? You won’t be cracking up every time your alarm clock rings. If only it was as easy as quitting your current job and taking a walk in the technical job of your dreams. But you know that it is not so easy. There are a lot of questions to be answered before you can start thinking about a career.

Do I need a degree? How long will it take? Will two years or associate degree jobs be enough to provide for my family? Will I still have a job when I graduate?

Before you let the potential obstacles scare you away from pursuing your goal, rest in the following information: There are entry-level technical jobs and you can land a spot even without a four-year degree.

While there are benefits to pursuing

While there are benefits to pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you don’t necessarily have to do a ready-made technology job to complete four years. Because the tech sector focuses on skills, employers focus less on degrees and can focus more on what you can do. That said, you can still benefit from the structure and discipline of formal education in a collaborative program.

Setting up a classroom can provide you with the necessary support to build the foundation of skills and knowledge that can prepare you for success in the field. Formal education will also provide you with the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty and to interact and learn from other students who are just like you.

Not to mention with an associate’s degree, you will have the opportunity to be established in an entry level role soon. If you find your career options limited, you can always choose to return to school.

2-year degree job in tech,

so can you potentially land with an associate’s degree? We used job posting analysis software to identify seven of the top professions seeking candidates with associate degrees. We then combined this information with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to give you a better understanding of job duties, career outlook, and potential earnings for each position.

It should be noted that the salary information given below reflects all workers. Experience and level of education and entry level salary should not be considered.

1. Computer Support Specialist As

a computer support specialist, you will be on the front lines of IT technology support. This role will allow you to dive deeper into finding solutions to technical problems of users. Although you will need to be more than technically proficient; As an assistant expert, you will be interacting with power users and novices, so strong communication skills are a must have. A joint two-year degree with relevant certifications will allow you to stand out when applying for these positions.

Estimated Job Approach (2018-2028): 10 percent increase 2
2018 Median Annual Salary (BLS): $ 62,7702
Correspondent Degree: Information Technology Associate Degree

2. Software Developer

Software developers are talented technical professionals building, testing and modifying software applications used for a wide variety of purposes. Software developers are responsible for meeting with stakeholders, meeting user needs and writing code that meets these needs.

Software developers often work in teams, with large projects usually broken into pieces. The collaborative nature of this task makes the communication and organizational capability of a software developer very important – so don’t assume that employers are looking for a long list of programming languages ​​to list only on a resume.

BLS Estimated Job Approach (2018-2028): 21 Percent Development 2
2018 Median Annual Salary: $ 105,5902
Correspondence Degree: Software Application Development Associate Degree

3. Network and Computer System Administrator

Network Administrator Establishing the computer network of an organization and Are responsible for maintenance. This role is important – if the network goes down, each employee’s productivity stops. As you might expect, this can give long-term results during times of crisis, but there may be a fair trade-off for compensation.

BLS Estimated Job Approach (2018-2028): 5 Percent Growth 2
2018 Median Annual Salary: $ 82,0502
Correspondence Degree: Network Systems Administration Associate Degree

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