6 Most Wonderful Regions in Finland

6 Most Wonderful Regions in Finland

One of the most popular countries on the planet, Finland is a gorgeous place to research, as it’s home to huge forests and an amazing variety of lakes that formed after the last Ice Age, when glaciers cut its numerous landscapes.

Some quite notable national parks could be found scattered across the nation, with several situated up from the frozen planet of its Arctic areas. Along with this, Finland includes a massive number of beautiful islands in the Archipelago Sea and Baltic Sea for one to discover.

Finnish Lapland

Since it’s located far north from the Arctic, the remote and wild region is filled with lovely character, with a great deal of amazing national parks available, including Urho Kekkonen and Lemmonjoki. Thus, there are tons of excellent outdoor activities to be appreciated, together with hiking, snowmobiling, and canoeing all very common. Lots of People visit the Northern Lights or go ski at Suomo and Luosto.

Along with basking in its exceptional all-natural beauty, you might even see Santa’s village, visit hordes of reindeer where you visit, and find out more about the regional Sami people and their rich cultural heritage. When a lot of men and women use the most important town of Rovaniemi as a base when exploring the area, there are plenty of charming cities and towns scattered around Finnish Lapland for one to find.


Founded in Northern Finland and situated around town of the identical title, Oulo is home to a varied selection of distinct flora and landscapes, which range from the scenic coastline on the Bay of Bothnia into the rivers and coastal regions of its inside.

Oulo — the greatest and most important town in the area — is beautiful to see owing to the beautiful waterfront. Even though the surrounding countryside is quite sparsely inhabited, the cities of Kemi, Tornio, and Ylivieska will also be worth checking out to the astonishing all-natural beaches that lie nearby.

Indeed, this section of Finland is largely seen by nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. There is an abundance of techniques you could explore its numerous glittering lakes, lakes, and woods. Oulu is a magical place to see, with a lot that you see and do.

West Coast

Home to a number of the oldest cities and cities in the nation, the West Coast of Finland provides an attractive mixture of background, culture, and character.

Though the southwest of the area is called’the breadbasket of Finland,’ owing to the agricultural character, the West Coast, generally speaking, is home to a number of the nation’s biggest and most significant cities. For example, Turku — that the prior funding — and Rauma both boast an assortment of amazing historical sights, together with local ethnic events frequently held across town. In Naantali, you will locate Moomin World — an amusement park devoted to Finland’s famous and loveable characters.

Away from its cultural and historical attractions, the West Coast is teeming with stunning nature and enchanting countryside. Its long coastline is dotted with lovely beaches and classic fishing villages. The sparkling waters of the Gulf of Bothnia lend themselves perfectly into sailing, swimming, along with watersports, with all the magnificent scenery of the Kvarken Archipelago among the area’s main attractions.

Finnish Lakeland

Quaint villages and towns are tucked away among the stunning scenery.

Because there are literally thousands of lakes that you find, each more amazing than the past, the area is a nature enthusiast’s dream. It’s possible to go trekking in its various forests, swimming or sailing in its own lakes, or unwind in one of its amazing resorts in Kuopio or even Savonlinna, and it is also home to an unbelievable castle and a favorite opera festival in the summer.

While the significant cities of Tampere and Joensuu are beautiful to see, they mostly act as gateways into the area’s natural wonders, together with Kangasala and Koli National Park just two of its most gorgeous features. Make sure you check out Saimaa, the biggest lake in the nation, home to tens of thousands of islands, also Kerimaki, the biggest wooden church on the planet.

Southern Finland

Though dominated by Helsinki, Southern Finland has more to offer than only the country’s capital.

While Helsinki is unquestionably one of the area’s main attractions with its many monuments, museums, and many things to see and do, it is definitely worth venturing additional afield. Hameenlinna’s beautiful castle, Porvoo’s old city, and Nuuksio National Park are worth a trip.

Along with the, Hanko’s lovely beaches and its proximity to the superbly appointed Archipelago Sea make it a very popular summer vacation destination.


Lying off the southwest coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea, Aland is very different from the remainder of the nation; its own population speaks Swedish, which can be reflected in the exceptional culture and identity in Mariehamm, the only city located in the archipelago.

Since it’s densely inhabited, Aland is largely home to small villages and hamlets which are scattered around its numerous islands.

Having a proud history, Aland also brings tourists that come here in order to sail round the glittering waters. You are able to learn more about the islands by leaping from one to another on several a scenic ferry journey.

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