Instagram is the place. The rapid development of the social platform provides almost unlimited business opportunities. And although Instagram has not been used, Instagram stories are challenging for most business users. So here is our recap of some Instagram Stories tips and tricks. Hope you find it useful!

Instagram Stories has been under a year now, and has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing video content. With more than 300 million daily active users worldwide, this is a new challenge and opportunity to deal with social media managers.

With a business account, you can now see the number of views of Instagram Stories, interact with your followers or create an advertisement.

It is only a matter of time when we can use this facility in Europe. Why not advance in your competition and make a strong Instagram presence? Creating Instagram stories and showing a little personal touch of your company will definitely help you.

Smartphone with instagram app open

Videos provide lots of opportunities. By sharing video content on Instagram, you are able to:

Drive customer engagement
Show your product or service in action
Stay in touch with your customers
But producing high quality, attractive clips are time consuming. Thankfully, Instagram is trying to make life easier for content marketers. Now you can prepare your content in advance. This means that you will not only be able to post during the weekend, but also because you will get more time to develop a stories campaign.

There are already businesses that excel in the Instagram Stories game. He developed a healthy Instagram strategy and saw an increase in his followers and revenue numbers. Take a look at their ideas!

1. Lufthansa Reaching New Customers

Recently Lufthansa has faced a major challenge – how to get new passengers? The carrier wanted to attract people who are using budget airlines and build a positive image of traditional air services. So he developed an Instagram content campaign, which attracted the attention of millennials.

Lufthansa passenger flying the plane
Along with the camera crew from Vice, he produced a series of mini-documentaries featuring young people. Actors, musicians, photographers and Lufthansa’s crew members recorded Instagram stories. They all went to places that inspired them to enrich their lives and reported their exploits on Lufthansa’s account.

How did instagram stories help? Lufthansa noted a 14,8% increase in brand affinity in the core target group and 25% of brand skeptics changed their positions as a result of the campaign. They formed an emotional connection, making Lufthansa more relevant and accessible to younger audiences.

Trick 1: Show people how your product can enrich their lives. Lufthansa did not focus on ticket prices or baggage costs, but rather on the added value the trip brings.

2. Kino Now Horizonty provides a laughing movie fan

Kino Nowe Horyzonty is an off cinema, located in Wroclaw, Poland. A perfect example of how to advance your Instagram Stories game when you have a limited budget. The main purpose of the video post was to show that independent cinema is not always about films dealing with serious problems. It is also a place to have some fun.

Vintage cinema tickets
Cinema’s Instagram Stories trick is to present short clips of individual films and funny short captions for each of them. To promote the New Year’s Eve program, he posted a dance tutorial, a clip of an old Spanish film. It was an Instagram eye-catcher, and, as it spanned between several short clips, viewers were tempted to watch all the stories.

Trick 2: Broaden the scope of your audience by presenting your business from a different angle. Show more personal image. Create a cliffhanger story so your audience will be tempted to watch them all.

3. L’Oreal keeping it classy

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about the images. Remember that you can upload any photo to Instagram Stories. Which basically means that you can edit your photos before posting them to any graphics program. You can create a consistent aesthetic for your profile.

Create Brush and Eye Shadow Palette
The French cosmetics giant makes elegant flat layers with its typography. Instagram stories are easily recognizable and help build brand awareness.