4 Most Wonderful Sporades Islands

Legend has it that the gods made the Sporades Islands by pitching coloured pebbles in the Aegean Sea. The fantasy is reflected from the title Sporades, which mean”the dotted ones,” and at the colours of the lush green hills, sapphire-blue seas and sandy shores. Situated off the east coast of Greece, the Sporades archipelago contains four permanently populated islands, each offering guests a exceptional travel experience. From bustling Skiathos using its stunning beaches and nightlife into the scenic landscapes of distant Skyros, the Sporades have something unique to offer every visitor seeking a memorable island holiday.


Less developed than many other islands from the Sporades archipelago, Alonissos boasts a range of natural attractions, and there is an extensive route system which invites exploration also. Even the pebbled beach of Megali Ammos is fantastic for swimmingpool, and although it’s situated near the island’s most important port Patitiri, guests frequently have the beach all to themselves. With displays that show the island’s nationally civilization, the Conventional House Museum of Alonissos at Patitiri is well worth a trip, and entrance is free of charge. Excursion boats on the island provide excursions to neighboring islets, such as Kyra Panagia, home to some newly restored 10th-century monastery.


Its central location in the Aegean created the island an appealing naval foundation to get a lengthy lineup of cultures however, the Skyrians themselves seldom took to the sea. When there are over 300 churches around the island, many are independently owned. Even though the island has several beautiful beaches, it lacks the lavish lodging provided on additional Greek isles. The island’s landscapes are an incongruous mixture of rocky hills, woods and farm lands.


Lovely Skopelos is the most populated island in the Sporades, and the natives are determined to ensure that the island’s growing popularity as a tourist destination does not destroy its natural beauty. That resolve was tested while the film”Mamma Mia!”. 


The nearest of these Sporades islands into the Greek mainland, Skiathos is the most accessible island for most people. With over 50 beaches and a wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, it is the very popular holiday area in the Sporades too. Many men and women visit Skiathos for the shores, and there is a stretch of sand certain to please each visitor. Southside beaches boast serene waters which make them ideal for swimming and water sports such as kayaking and paddle fishing. The windswept beaches on the north side of Skiathos provide a less crowded experience. Reachable only by boat, the west shore of Lalaria is close several beautiful sea temples well worth investigating.