30 best WordPress plugins for events, booking and appointments

No doubt, Easy Placement is definitely an easy to use WordPress plugin for all types of bookings and appointments. On the other hand, easy appointments are also super powerful, handling your business needs and rules seamlessly. Set up is also easy and straightforward for everyone and getting out of appointments is absolutely easy with the bat. The result is also completely compatible with any device and web browser, guaranteeing you a seamless experience.

You can set many locations, services and workers and fix the calendar to your wishes.

There are also loads of different email notifications you set. Speaking of which, from appointment updates and employee notifications to custom admin emails and booking confirmation, these are some of the emails you can send with Easy Appointments. Last but not least, you can also translate the plugin into your language, but it is already available in many.

The event organizer is a few leagues above the WordPress PluginEvent Organizer events,

with over 30,000 activities. This is a solid alternative to an event management platform that can easily integrate into any WordPress installation. The main purpose of the plugin is to add a basic WordPress post-type, called an “event”, maintaining the original WP functionality that you would normally see in new posts anyway. In this way, you get access to all WP_post features and subsequent types of events. Like, you can re-assign events, rewrite events and recreate similar events based on the same post-type.

If you are running a weekly retreat,

use one of the facilities to run the same event over and over again based on your schedule. You don’t have to worry about making the same event twice. You can use the same template multiple times as needed.

All plugin features provide shortcodes for easy entry into any of your WP widget areas.

Developers can tap into functional APIs to extend their plugins or plug features of events into their app. The Pro version expands functionality to give you the tools that can turn your WP blog into an event management platform for multilevel promotion.

Relying on third-party platforms to sell tickets for your own events can mean that you will run out of some potential revenue due to processing fees.

However, external promotional platforms are also good marketing options for your events. In this case, Ticket Teller serves as an individual ticket selling and management plugin. It benefits those interested in selling event tickets to members of its community through its blog. Within minutes, you can start selling tickets to your event, all with full customization options.

Built-in payment processing platforms are Stripe and PayPal.

They provide a flexible way of collecting payments in advance. The database records all ticket commands, which the administrator can customize. The administrator can reissue the tickets and also cancel them. So, it really provides a complete set of features that you will see in a specific booking management platform. You can modify and design all e-tickets as per your choice. Then, automatically process all successful orders, and add email addresses to your MailChimp email list.

Event calendars may be the most concrete option for an event plugin for WordPress bloggers. Why?

It has over 30 unique authors contributing to the source code. This version has exceeded the 4 limits, and has over 400k active installations.  It is popular as a major event calendar plugin for WordPress. The professional and modern features are really excellent in making this plugin usable in any event calendar situation you can imagine.

Some of the most prominent WordPress developers have thoroughly investigated the level of security provided by this plugin. Countless hours of support questions have led to the perfectionism that characterizes this plugin.

Features of this plugin include quick events creation,

location and organizer management, calendar views, custom search for events, Google Map integration for easy location access, custom widgets, Google Calendar integration and AJAX support for smooth loading. It works responsibly with smartphones and tablets and with all major WordPress theme frameworks.

It also has built-in SEO features and offers a selection of custom themes. Developers can always tap into the source themselves and customize the design to their liking. It can also be a potential plugin market.

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