Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory was introduced in the name of Id, Ego & Super Ego. These are the three parts of Human Personality.  According to Sigmund Freud, Personality is a complex creation. To make it understand, he gave the “Psychoanalytic Theory“, which claims that there are 3 Parts of Personality: ID, EGO & SUPEREGO. They have a different-different contribution to the creation of personality.
From this, every part comes in handy in different situations. So now let’s see 3 Parts of Personality:-
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ID – What Is ID?

ID is the first part of the personality that is found only from birth. It is completely part of the subconscious mind and responsible for the development of our initial behaviour. According to Freud, our psyche is our source of energy. It works on “Pleasurable Principle“. Pleasure theory says that all our needs, wishes must be completed immediately. If it does not happen then stress and nervousness comes into the act. ID, an extremely important in childhood plays a significant and eminent role. In fulfilling the basic needs of the infant.

For example, it can be understood that the child cries for him/her appetite until he/she gets milk. According to Freud, ID exists only in the infant stage. That’s the reason child weeps for the need for water without any discretion. You can not convince him/her to wait for a while that it is not possible to fulfil the desire right now.

Furthermore, just imagine if our personality is just made out of ID, how would you have felt? Yes, you got it right. Our life must be filled with so many difficulties. We would have started bothering anyone or everyone to fulfil our wishes. And socially also our lives would have been filled with difficulties and terrible. With ageing, ego and superego develops, which help us regain our social life by regularizing the ID. By the way, Id lives in our personality.
Now let’s see the 2nd Part of 3 Parts of Personality

3 Parts Of Personality | Mind | Quotes Empire

Ego – What Is Ego?

Now it comes to topic Ego. Ego works on real and practical principles. The main function of Ego is to educate the society in a socially acceptable form. It works on the principle of reality. It decides on the basis of our social, economic, personal, family status. Moreover, its job is to keep us away from anxiety, restlessness, stress and intimidation. So that we can take a good decision at the right time. For example, when we get the thought of eating a burger in the middle of the meeting, Ego helps to make our thoughts to remain in control. By deciding to eat burgers after the completion of the meeting.

Super Ego – What Is Super Ego?

3 Parts Of Personality | Mind | Quotes Empire

After the two personalities, Super Ego gets developed in the last phase of personality development. Super Ego works on the moral values met with society and parents. Right-wrong, good-bad, it gets determine on the basis of Super Ego. It develops from about 5 years old. By using it, we make a favourable decision for our society. The development of values and respect is also the work of Super Ego. Many times when we do anti-social work, we feel embarrassed that’s why we don’t do such work again. Super Ego controls our confusing ideas.
For example, many people do not drink alcohol because they think that drinking alcohol is in the category of sin.

Importance: 3 Parts of Personality

Individuality is the result of reactions among Id, Ego and Super Ego. In this, the coordination causes the problems. Ego can only be coordinated by skillfulness. All 3 Parts of Personality has their importance in their own aspects.

  • If in the person ID is Positiveness, then such people become so furious and get charged so early.
  • If people are more developed with Ego, then such people are very sensitive to the rules.
  • In a person, if super-ego is stronger, such people can not bear things against morals and remain in the judgment. Determination of everything is done on the basis of right-wrong, good and bad.
3 Parts Of Personality | Mind | Quotes Empire

Final Words

In Conclusion, these were the 3 Parts of Personality. This would have clear you to get the exact point and meanings what it means to be in actual personalities. Since from our birth to our death, a cycle goes on -Life Cycle. We keep on failing, we keep on learning but, actually, the thing is We Never Fail, we just get to learn something new. A brand new world (World Of Experience) that maf=de us teach one more new lesson. And made us get to know the way of success in one more way. At last, keep learning, Keep Enjoying.

Thank You