25 best free event website templates promised 2020

With a striking online presence, you increase your potential almost immediately. And to make pages like this, you should get your hands on Divi. To make a long story short, Vibha is a versatile solution to assimilate different intentions. Particularly for events and conferences, Divi comes with sample content that you can put directly into play. Working will also be for a small air person who is a first timer.

Once you set up a website, everyone can learn more about events, speakers, schedules, and even purchasing tickets. There are oh so many options available with one page that you can manage and maintain without breaking a single drop of sweat.

Javelin opens up a new horizon of possibilities for someone who needs to prepare an event page. In fact,

if you are interested in other types of web space, you can do them with Javelin as well. But right now, we will only focus on events, conferences, forums and other types of gatherings.

With Javelin, you can spread the word like a pro-gate for an upcoming event. Keep a page as your online event ambassador, which will help you to welcome even more attendees. And they can also reserve seats directly from your website.

In addition, Javelin creates a website that will work like a dream on all devices,

smartphones, tablets and desktops. It also works flawlessly on all popular web browsers and retina screens, performing excellent all the time.

Spucker is a dedicated event web design with four nifty demos and all other internal page layouts that you will find very in use.

Before we dig even deeper, you need to know that Spker Elementer is coupled with Page Builder, offering you to fine tune the layout to your taste. With no coding knowledge, you can now set up a professional and sophisticated website that will take your event or conference to new heights.

Other valuable features of Spacker include the event schedule, speaker profile,

detailed venue and maps, pricing plans, registration forms and a special section for sponsors. Additionally, you can also start a blog and share further useful information with the community on the subject of the event. By going with the out-of-the-box variation, you can run a page in minutes.

Eventcon – hence the name –

is a free website template that you can employ for events and conferences. Whether music, business, affiliate or any other gathering you want to take to new heights, make it with Eventcon. By creating a striking page, you can share all information about the event, artist, schedule. On top of that, you can also use a website to sell tickets and to show the exact location of the venue on Google Maps.

The options are numerous with practical and effective Eventcon.

Dark layout also ensures that it triggers everyone’s curiosity from the get-go. Some features include drop-down menus, back to top buttons, sponsor sliders, call-to-action and fully functional contact forms.

If you want to take things to new heights with your upcoming event, seminar or conference, WeMeet will do the trick for you.

This is a free event website template that has all the essentials to give you a quick start on the Internet. When it comes to the design part and has a considerable amount of features, you no longer need to build it from scratch. WeMeet is replete with an array of greatness that will come to you sooner rather than later. Especially if you stick to the default, you can also speed up a page set.

Vibrant color, creative touch, hover effects,

sticky navigation, event schedule, you name it, WeMeet rocks it over and over. Accordions await every WeMeet user for frequently asked questions, news and compelling articles, contact sections and other useful elements.For events, forums, conferences, conferences and the like, Summit is a free website template to establish an online presence that will move mountains.

It is a modern, impressive and easy-to-use design that you can instantly put into play. Keep in mind, the summit comes with no hidden fees, yet the result will be very premium-like, perfect for selling the event.


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