24 Free Restaurant Website Templates That Make Bone Appetite Visitors

With web design like Divi, you can go after setting up a lot of websites. Of course, Divi works fantastically well with restaurants and food businesses. In the kit, you will find everything and everything you will get in no time to move closer. Immediately, you get to choose between predefined samples that you can use or further improve. Any customization tweak and whatsapp you intend to perform is accompanied by a drag-and-drop process. Call it visual coding, if you will.

A website works great to show your menu, your pricing,

displays imagery of beautiful food and even allows customers to reserve a table via an online form. Additionally, you can start a blog and share all types of food-related ingredients, recipes, special deals and upcoming events.

Javelin is a multi-concept website template with a set of options and possibilities.

One thing is for sure, creating a restaurant website will be without hassle. When you select the demo and import it with one click, you can start using the already powerful javelin and all the good that comes with it. The result will be unprecedented whether you use javelin out of the box or you modify it completely. One does not need to be a professional to have a chance and work with Jevelin. Anyone can do this, even someone who is setting up their first page.

From parallax effects, sticky boatbars and scrolling animations to food menus,

back to top buttons, testimonial sliders and Google Maps, Javelin does it all for your convenience. You will also get a full-fledged online reservation form with a time and date picker.

Additionally, Seabreeze also includes all the necessary internal page layouts,

predefined and ready to use. Seabreeze is fully customizable and brand-worthy, ensuring that you can take advantage of it without any hassle.

Finally, Seabreeze is equipped with a simple drag and drop coding method, which unlocks a whole new horizon of possibilities for all. That said, you can now build a restaurant page without the need for a code.

The design is 100% responsive, compatible with web browsers and optimized for faster loading speeds.

If you are ready to grow your business and occupy your tables, then get your hands on the Seabreeze.

Of course, this device is also perfect for fast-foods and other food establishments, as you can easily go against the grain with a burger. The design is very modern and attracts the eye, ensuring that your professional photos, food menus and other useful information are amazingly visible.

Some more surprises of the burger come in the form of a huge slider, sticky navigation, testimonials and social media buttons.

Along with the clean house design, Burger also offers you many more internal pages, including a blog and form and a contact section with Google Maps. If you’re ready to make an assassin an online presence, take your foodie creations to a whole new level, let Burgers do the trick.

Resta is a free restaurant website template with an impressive approach to web design.

Anyone visiting your page will have a jaw dropping and a blast through the mouthwatering material. In short, to trigger their eagerness, Resta has all the right accessories to be out of the box. In fact, the Resta works exceptionally well, as it meets various branding rules beautifully.

What’s more, Resta shuffles perfectly on any modern device, smartphone,

tablet or desktop computer. It also coincides with popular web browsers and retina screens. The slider, call-to-action, drop-down menu, tasty gallery and online reservation form are other treats that Resta brings to the table. Lastly, Resta is an HTML template based on the bootstrap framework in which it requires coding knowledge to achieve the most.

Sophistication, cleanliness and minimalism are the three main characteristics of foodie.

This free restaurant website template provides you with a great design as well as a nice gift, so it will be very premium-like if you wish.

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