20 Places to See in Assam ( 5-10 )

20 Places to See in Assam ( 5-10 )

20 Places to See in Assam

  • Silchar

Silchar is the 2nd biggest town in Assam and is among the most secure places in the North-East and therefore locally called the Isle of Peace. It’s also among the most developed regions with its airport and institutes of higher education. As a result of the scenic place, Silchar can be utilized as the gateway into the neighbouring regions of Manipur and Mizoram. Silchar is popularly called Barak Valley.

  • Jorhat

The gorgeous, commercial, cultural and cultural town of Jorhat is the 2nd biggest inÊAssam. Tea plantation is the key agricultural activity of this city that also takes form of a tourist attraction granted its easy all-natural allure. You will find as many as 135 tea plantations in Jorhat. Jorhat’s rich heritage and culture together with the several areas to view makes it a significant tourist attraction. The Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is the earliest and the most well-known place of worship from Assam, which brings a whole lot of tourists each year. The lake island ofÊMajuli, that will be world’s biggest river island is only 20 km away from the city and it could be retrieved by ferries from Nimati Ghat.

  • Goalpara

Assam is thought to be one of the greatest tourist places in all India, as a result of its gorgeous landscape, scenic mountain cities and throughout ataraxy. 1 such hidden jewel of this country is that the subject of Goalpara. Goalpara not only provides you a let-out in the normal monotony of existence using its natural wilderness, but it’s likewise a popular pilgrimage place due to its umpteen number of temples and abundant tradition. Stupas and monuments will be the key highlights . The area also provides myriad hiking, rock climbing and other adventure activities.

  • Manas National Park

The only real tiger reserve in Assam and also known for its rare golden langur and the red panda, Manas is among those best-kept national parks in India.
Manas is famous not just for its rich biodiversity but also because of its breathtaking scenery and natural scenery that comprises a selection of forested hills, alluvial grasslands and tropical evergreen forests. It’s also famed for its inhabitants of this Wild water buffalo. Manas harbours the most number of species out of India as recorded in the IUCN Red Book.

  • Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is the greatest city of Assam situated 439 km from Guwahati. A significant town in the northeastern region of India based on cities such as Guwahati and Bhubaneswar, Dibrugarh is your emerging industrial and communication heart of North East India. Dibrugarh has an airport that’s well-connected with important Indian cities.
Dibrugarh is also among the two chief cities in the state of Assam to get urban development aid in the Asian Development Bank and is the nerve centre of business, communication and health care of their upper Assam area. The town of Dibrugarh is emerging as a favorite destination for business and leisure excursions for tourists from India and overseas. This town is filled with culture and nature and is your destination to unwind .

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