15 Most Beautiful Small Towns In England-3

15 Most Beautiful Small Towns In England-3

Castle Combe

The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding all-natural Beauty has a great deal to answer for when it comes to amazing English cities to coincide. Castle Combe is among these. There is even some historic five-star lodging: the 14th century Manor House Hotel.


From the 15th and 16th centuries the city was renowned for its wool, also among the most plentiful settlements in Britain for this, but fell into decline with cheaper exports from Europe. Now it is like walking through a fairytale: countless half-timbered buildings spell out yesteryear, using a modern infusion of eateries and places to stay. 


Yesin Devon there’s a city named Beer — sadly it is named after Old English phrase bearu, meaning grove. Yet there is a disproportionate number of bars in this seaside city, all serving excellent regional ales in addition to the local speciality of crab. Steeped in stories of smuggling, the winding increase down Hooken Cliffs to the west of city is good for picturing yourself as a smuggler of older. Just out of the town would be the 2,000-year-old Beer Quarry Caves, renowned for its’beer rock’ — fine-textured limestone which has been used in Westminster Abbey, among other areas. Sitting on Beer’s rocky shore looking out to sea having a ice cream after a pub lunch is a nice example of English summer vacations.


Carefully maintained Hawkshead was home to William Wordsworth, who explained it in his poem The Prelude. Beatrix Potter also dwelt here. Her former residence open to the general public — a fantastic chance to feel comfortable inside a genuine English cabin. Hawkshead is a tourist mecca not just for its whitewashed cottages, old bars and cobbled roads, but also because of its place: the Lake District.


Quintessential English cities signifies bucolic scenes of small cottages in rolling green mountains. Arlington Row, a specially picturesque section of secure homes in town, includes on the inner cover of UK passports. Strolling around Bibury and falling in love with this location is your principal past-time here, a center for countryside walks and tearooms. Situated in the Cotswolds, an area famous for quaint cities and beautiful countryside, it will not get more enchanting than this silent slice of rustic England.

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