15 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Croatia-2


Moscenice is a normal hilltop medieval city sitting high over the Istrian Peninsula. The outer walls of the outer ring of homes serve as strengthened walls to the enclosed city. This will not leave a great deal of space inside developing a tight-knit community, literally. The narrow roads and enclosed paths on the interior of the castle supply the little city with charm. Receive a summit over the walls as Moscenice stands 170 meters (570 ft ) above sea level to supply you with a gorgeous view of the ocean and neighboring islands.


Less than 2,000 inhabitants call Purisca about the island of Brac home. This tiny village, with its gorgeous bay and exquisite white coral buildings, is frequently listed among the prettiest cities in Europe. You will travel through areas of boulders for to Pucisca because of years of backbreaking work by the girls of Brac to clean land for wineries, figs and olives. It was a privilege of aristocrats and musicians to reside here, and you may see why. The island rises immediately from the sheltering bay to make the city look like it stays within an amphitheater.


Just off the shore, at the Adriatic Sea, sits beautiful little Primosten. The Turks jeopardized the town back from the 16th century therefore the taxpayers of Primosten created this tiny inlet and island joined to the mainland with a drawbridge. Fortified walls moved up along with the little city lived. The island has been returned to be an inlet having a causeway however the walls stayed. Unfortunately, you will need to pay a visit to this tiny tourist jewel throughout the high period in summer months as the location hibernates in the winter. The cobblestone streets are alive during hot weather with audio, festivities and local sellers.

Veli Losinj

Western Croatia has been an assortment of authentic homes, restaurants, hotels, stores and pubs on a scenic refuge. Rovenska, yet another gorgeous bay, is merely a 10-minute walk out of here. The largest attractions in Veli Losinj would be the sea captain’s homes which were adorned with exotic plants gathered as prizes from extended voyages. Make sure you search for dolphins playing at the haven at April and May.


Over 15,000 residents cram into this very small city wedged into the border of the peninsula. Unlike a number of other ancient Aztec towns, Rovinj doesn’t have reinforced walls; the outside ring homes feature front doors that open directly around the sea. A popular tourist destination, the old city is dotted with four-star resorts and restaurants in which you will discover excellent sea food. Rovinj remains a true fishing port. Have a boat excursion to the local Rovinj archipelago to escape the crowds for a day.