15 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Croatia-1

15 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Croatia-1

Croatia isn’t any more a well-kept secret. Throngs of people hit the Adriatic shore annually to delight in the nightlife, food and great thing about the bountiful little nation. To optimize your experience, make sure you see a minumum of one hilltop village and a single coastal enclave.


This city homes ancient Roman artifacts, continues to be dominated by the Venetians, Austrians, Italians and Yugolslavians, and has witnessed many conflicts and wars. The entire city is a tiny fortified fortress that communicates the scars of neglect and war. Artists started to move here along with the esteemed Jeunesses Musicales International shortly opened . Now, you will locate musicians and artists colonizing this formerly forgotten stone city.


Founded by the Greeks at 6th Century BC, ruled by the Romans at 228 BC, and the Avars and Slavs in the 7th century, Cavtat has experienced a tumultuous history. However, when multiple cultures dominate a town through time, all of them leave an indelible stamp on the region. You’re able to see design and ruins from every period of the town’s violent history. Cavtat is a superb escape from the busier Dubrovnik, is located on a haven with amazing beaches and crowned by a collection of lush mountains.


Less than 300 inhabitants make Kumrovec village their property. This inland city is a village secured in time. The houses of this village, mostly built around the year 1900, have been maintained to make the village a sort of living tradition. The recovery started back in the 1970’s and remains today. So far, over 40 houses and farms are restored to their classic glory. His birth house was turned into a museum and the village was suspended in time to signify how it appeared when he had been born in 1892. You’ll discover his home by finding the bronze statue of him onto the front yard.


Young partiers pour to Porec from around Europe during the high summer months. Porec has been the middle of a huge tourism hub which stretches for miles up the Istrian coast in every direction. Not precisely the area you need to go searching for an authentic Croatian encounter or a silent retreat, Porec brings throngs of jubilant travelers. There is, nevertheless, some sights to see as you are not partying like an early basilica and Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque architecture. 


This gorgeous riverside city’s biggest attraction is the neighboring Krka National Park. This magnificent park comes with a valley filled with travertine stone formations which make for magnificent waterfalls. Entry into the park contains a boat ride into the park seventh, biggest and last travertine formation as well as its brilliant waterfall — Skradinski Buk. After loving the playground, return to city to research a ruined fortress and to refuel on some local cuisine.

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