The ongoing digital transformation of fintech industry services has led to increased competition between innovative startups and reputed banks.

Fintech Startups solve tasks faster such as easing communication with freelancers, automating insurance and speeding up payment operations worldwide. For example, DU, one of the latest successful startups, has established convenient services for the creation of online invoices.

At the same time, banks provide new attractive financial and banking solutions to their customers. For example, we talk about transactions and budget limit notifications, which notify users to get a budget through the sound of broken glass.

To always be aware of the most important events and news in fintech, this opinion is nothing better than following the leaders. They share their experiences, business matters and achievements through social networks, which provide you with accurate and clear insight into everything you need to know about fintech. To keep up with the dynamic and rapidly changing fintech industry, following these experts is something you definitely should not miss.

Brett King

The co-founder and CEO of Moven, a New York-based mobile banking startup, tweets the most important interviews, ratings and news on finance. He is the author of several books and podcasts.

Spiros Margris

You will not find any jokes on their Twitter, only the most important tech news. Being an expert in investment, Margaris focuses on the ultimate trend in technologies, finance and startups.

Bradley lemur

Startup consultants and investors tweet the most topical news in the easiest way to add fun memes. His Twitter is a real gold chest of the latest fintech events.

Chris geldhill

If you want to understand which bank is reliable and which countries can be interesting for investors, this Twitter will provide a perfect flow of information. Geldhill has both technical and business background, which allows him to hit the bulls-eye while talking about fintech.

Matto Ridge

With over 20 years of experience in fintech, Rizzi knows how to combine traditional banking and new technologies. In addition to Twitter, he has a personal blog where he shares his videos and articles.

Christophe Langlis

Langlois is a renowned expert in social media and business development. Fintech and insurtech are the two main topics on their Twitter.

Jessica aleram

Co-founder of Australian fintech startup Tyro mostly tweets about fintech, development hacking, payments and banking.

Sush Bapna

FinTech Advisor and Mentor. Bapna focuses on innovation, banking and financial services.

Elizabeth Lumley

A good sense of humor and a strong professional background gives Elizabeth the perfect place to visit her blog for those who want to read reliable insights in an easy way.

Mike quindazzi

This Twitter account is full of important information not only about finance but also about technologies – cyber security, robots, artificial intelligence, and more.

Jim mars

Finance industry strategist and speaker tweets about fintech, inserttech and big data.

Andreas Staub

The Twitter account of a specialist from the Behavioral Economics Consultancy Group contains unique information about behavioral economics, fintech, insurtech and big data.

Florent Laturneur

Letourneur is a business angel with an extensive experience in fintech. He focuses on startups, social media and personal branding.

Tiffany hayden

The founder and CEO of a startup venture is passionate about creating financial tools that develop independence and security. Recent Fintech news tweets with a personal outlook.

Bill sullivan

The Twitter account of a global head of financial services mostly contains reports of fintech, insurtech and artificial intelligence.

Fintech is full of innovations, opportunities and valuable ideas, and these fintech experts will keep you informed of recent trends.

If you are ready to come up with ideas, contact us and we will voluntarily share your experience in fintech software solutions.