15 Best Tourist Attractions in Prague-1

15 Best Tourist Attractions in Prague-1

Ten decades back, Prague was a puzzle to travelers in Europe; today, howeverit is among the most well-known destinations in the world, attracting 4 million people every year. Prague provides a compact town centre, a fascinating centuries-long background with fabulous illustrations of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture.

Additionally, there are dozens of churches, palaces, squares and parks in Prague, tasty local Czech beer and meals for reasonable rates. A Summary of the Greatest tourist attractions in Prague:

Municipal Home

The Municipal House is a delightfully ornate building directly next to the Pachovsky Palace and the Powder Tower at the older part of city. Bohemian Kings utilized to rule out the countryside out of the art nouveau timeless where operas and plays are held. Inside, you will come across sculptures out of several of the most renowned artists of previous centuries, along with the construction links up to Prague’s historical city terrace making for a stunning picture.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill looms within the ancient city of Prague across the river from the old city where you will discover winding trails that are fantastic for an afternoon walk. They will take you up the mountain where you are able to enjoy sweeping views of the old city, a miniature Eiffel Tower, an astronomical observatory, a centuries-old brewery and the Strahov Monastery that house an elaborate library. Kick off your trip Prague with a stroll up Petrin Hill for the lay of this property. Climb the 299 measures of this 60-meter (200-foot) Petrin Tower, modeled after France’s iconic landmark, to find a bird’s eye perspective of the winding roads beneath.

Prague Zoo

You do not necessarily consider exotic creatures when you think about the historical town, however, Prague has among the best zoos in all Europe. You’ll locate this sprawling expanse of zoo creatures right on the banks of this river Vitava alongside the Troja Castle. Ranked the fifth greatest zoo in the world, it is possible to get up close and personal with rare creatures such as the Galapagos Giant Tortoise that resides an impressive 100 decades. You will also find elephants, rhinos and giraffes through the expansive grounds.

Spanish Synagogue

The Spanish Synagogue sits directly in the heart of old city in the Jewish Quarter. It had been constructed back in 1868, is Prague’s earliest Jewish House of Worship and is widely considered the most beautiful synagogue in all Europe. This Moorish-style building includes magnificent stained glass windows, interlocking Islamic themes hand painted on the walls and elaborate gold tilework. The most stunning feature is that the inside of the huge central dome. Galleries crown so there’s a lot to explore in one of Prague’s buildings that are most prized.

St. Vitus Cathedral

It took 600 years to create this magnificent palace and it’s among the most richly endowed churches in Europe. You’ll locate this towering structure inside the walls of Prague Castle in the peak of a steep walk paved with centuries-old stone. St Vitus Cathedral nevertheless serves as the chair of the Archbishop of Prague. Inside, you will realize the baroque silver grave of St John of Nepomuck in addition to gorgeous art nouveau stained glass, also a 14th-century mosaic of the Last Judgement and the tombs of Saint Wenceslas and Charles IV. Insider tip — rather than moving into the castle, take a stroll of the primary gate by means of a garden with sweeping views of the city. Pass a cherub fountain and discover stairs to your right. Ascend the staircase throughout the castle wall to the most sensational show of this church.

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