15 Amazing Cities to See in Russia-2

15 Amazing Cities to See in Russia-2

Veliky Novgorod

The medieval centre of the town is interesting to research, and many old churches are available — that the 11th Century St Sophia’s Cathedral is only one of several highlights, along with St George’s Cathedral, the oldest monastery in Russia. Dripping ever, the town’s pubs and restaurants are excellent to unwind in after a long day of sightseeing.


Previously called Stalingrad, the town is known as the site of this conflict where the Russians eventually managed to block the German advance in WWII. Following the war, the Volgograd was changed by the Soviets, along with the grand public buildings and broad avenues we see now were developed to emphasize their success. The huge monument devoted to their achievement is awe-inspiring, although the massive war cemetery just beyond the town is humbling because you realize the unbelievable forfeit the Soviets made throughout the war. Volgograd has a beautiful shore for travellers to research, and there are a few atmospheric cafes and fine dining establishments available.


Therefore, a great deal of investment went to enhancing the city’s tourist and facilities services. Russia’s most famous seaside hotel, it’s a beautiful waterfront promenade — home to fantastic restaurants and nightclubs. Additionally, there are some delightful parks across the city. While the beaches aren’t as fine, and it can get pricey in the summertime, the ocean is hot to float in and Sochi includes a wonderful climate. From here, you may go to the Russian Riviera, go trekking in Agura Valley, or visit the local ski resorts in the hills — in which the Olympics happened.

Nizhny Novgorod

Even though it’s understandably the highlight of what’s available, the town has more than sufficient to amuse visitors to get a few days. There are a number of excellent restaurants and museums for visitors to enjoy, in addition to the beautiful views of the environment. From here, you can go to a scenic river cruise into a few of the cities and cities nearby.


Lying far from Lake Baikal, Irkutsk is popular with tourists — you will find fresh, educative and fascinating museums springing up lately. The 130 Kvartal regions of the town is filled with traditional Siberian wooden buildings which are beautiful to roam around, and fresh, fashionable cafes, restaurants and pubs are available throughout its roads.

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