15 Amazing Cities to See in Russia-1

15 Amazing Cities to See in Russia-1


Set beneath the slopes, its Pacific shore is filled with lovely small islands and bays that just increase the scenic sense of the area. Some beautiful architecture is available interspersed amongst Soviet-era buildings. A town on the go, fresh theatres and cultural attractions are opening up in Vladivostok, while its own fantastic restaurant landscape is perfectly complemented with fashionable cocktail bars and pumping nightlife.


Yekaterinburg has become the setting of many critical events in Russia’s history; it’s here that the Romanovs were implemented and Boris Yeltsin came to power. Lying alongside the Ural Mountains, the town was the thing of a stone rush, as miners poured into Yekaterinburg expecting to make their fortune. These days, it has plenty of historic and cultural sites for people to enjoy. With a growing market, many pubs and cafes are springing up and there’s a wonderful gastronomic scene which will leave you salivating. A busy location with terrible visitors, its international airport means that a lot of men and women stop by here on their way to research the Ural Mountains.


Therefore, it’s a special and fascinating place to see in Russia. With Slavic Russians making a sizable portion of Kazan’s inhabitants, there’s a delightful mix of cultures. An autonomous area, Tatarstan’s oil reserves imply the town is fast modernizing, though it still keeps its original identity. With a few beautiful neighbourhood cuisines and intriguing cultural attractions like the Kazan Kremlin, Kazan’s distinctive flavour makes it a beautiful city to investigate.

St Petersburg

The former funds where the Tsars once reigned hosted the Communist Revolution and was afterwards sieged from the Nazis. Having a Western European feel to it, elegant palaces and grand cathedrals are plentiful in town, while beautiful, leafy woods make it a just beautiful place to roam around. Having a laidback method of life, the town has plenty of fantastic dining and shopping choices, in addition to some wonderful nightlife. Not to be missed is the magnificent art collection in the Hermitage Museum.


A royal city with a feeling of grandeur and epic scale of this, the capital of Russia is a joy to explore, together with the Kremlin and Red Square being its undoubted highlight. Lying in the core of the town, wandering across the ancient fortress is an awe-inspiring adventure — that the magnificent St Basil’s Cathedral simply adds to the air. Museums, museums, statues and more populous the country’s Soviet past — that the Bunker-42 Cold War museum is very worth checking out. With more than 600 churches in this town, orthodoxy is another defining characteristic of this nation; anywhere you look, you will observe gold-plated domes sparkling joyfully from sunlight. Renowned around the world for its performing arts, grabbing a ballet, circus operation or cinema in one of Moscow’s theatres will survive long in the memory — fresh and advanced pieces are continuously being produced. In addition to this, Moscow has excellent restaurants, fashionable bars and a few hopping nightlife places.

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