14 Most Beautifull Small Towns in Austria -3

14 Most Beautifull Small Towns in Austria -3


Gmunden, which can be located on picturesque Lake Traun as well as in the middle of wonderful mountains, has got long been a favorite weekend or day trip regarding their people visiting or living Salzburg. The city boasts 19th century villas as well as their castles, which include Schloss Ort, which can be situated on an island in its center of Lake Traun. Gmunden can be well-liked by hikers, who like in order to battle Grunberg Mountain. But so when you’re not really in its mood or form in order to increase up that this mountain, then the more Grunberg Mountain cable car, that opened in 2014, must be able to at this point direct anyone about one of the best. This city can be renowned to its ceramics, so ensure in order to seek out pieces .

Zell am See

This picturesque town has been located on Lake Zell in its heart of their Austrian Alps. It is the widely used ski resort in its wintermonths, along with a good base regarding their discovering the surrounding region by bicycle or on foot within the summertime. And regarding their climbers, there’s a fresh attraction in its region which was inserted in June 2017 — the by using ferrata or scaling course. Called the MOBO 107, that this course enables you in order to scale the towering Mooserboden Dam Wall. Should anyone prefer water sports, then you could furthermore choose the swim or try your personal hands during stand-up paddling on the lake.


The city of Durnstein has been located in its midst of your wine growing area, which means you’ll have to furthermore ensure in order to sample a few of their regional varieties.


Alpbach is the very small however wonderful ski resort city in its state of Tyrol that the also offers yet another fascinating claim the popularity. Each year, the recording performs host to its Alpbach European Forum, the two-week convention that the combines leaders in its worlds of politics, business, science as well as their civilization. Additionally, Alpbach was voted the most wonderful city in Austria due to its normal timber houses as well as their as well as their sweet floral decorations. So in order to maintain its unique appears, getting started with in its 1970s, the city necessary that new buildings had in order to be built in its standard rock as well as their timber design.


Hallstatt’s setting has been totally amazing. This picturesque village has been located in its stunning Salzkammergut Mountains as well as their around the beaches of their Hallstatter See. Since well over 2,000 ancient graves are actually found in its region, Hallstatt is known as the cradle of Austrian culture. It furthermore posesses a charnel house, which can be situated in St. Michael’s Chapel, containing well over 600 painted skulls.

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