14 Gorgeous Small Towns in Poland – 3

14 Gorgeous Small Towns in Poland – 3


Savaged by conflicts and their aftermaths, Reszel now stands lightly as a reminder of this medieval setting it harbored. The striking Gothic Episcopal Castle stands as the most notable structure in town. Also significant is that the St. Peter’s church, made at exactly the same Gothic-style and dating as far back as the 14th century. You should also have time to research the other notable structures scattered around town, such as the Classicist city hall in the 19th century, St. John’s Church, the Jesuit Sophisticated from the 15th and 16th Century, along with the neighboring Catholic shrine of Święta Lipka, a highly respected pilgrimage site for Germans, Polish also as Lithuanians because the 17th century.


A popular stop one of Polish Kings and Lithuanian princes for a few alcoholic refreshments, Tykocin once placed around 36 beer taverns, 15 vodka joints, and 10 mead inns! Located by the River Narewthis little city is among the earliest settlements and will be home to more than a hundred historical structures, such as but not restricted to the Tykocin Castle, the baroque Church of the Holy Trinity, the Jewish cop — among the earliest in the nation, along with also the Baroque Tykocin Synagogue — among those best-preserved in Poland and a significant tourist attraction.


The city derives its title from a classic Polish term’chelm’ which means mountain. Chełmno, a city spread over nine hills nearby River Vistula, was among the most developed cities during the State of the Teutonic Order. While all that glory could have faded during the past couple of centuries, this enchanting, small city has an extremely-preserved medieval centre having a glorious Renaissance town hall in the core of the market square and five amazing Gothic churches. Allegedly, these churches might have held the relics of St. Valentine that is the reason why tourists and locals occasionally refer to the city as the”city of love” — the numerous”enthusiast’s chairs” across town, promising a blissful love-life are evidence of the belief.

Kazimierz Dolny

Situated on the banks of River Vistula, Kazimierz Dolny was an important city for the area’s grain-trading enterprise. However, it’s currently considered as one of the most preserved historical cities in the nation. Owing to the flourishing art scene, this tiny city has drawn innovative geniuses from all around the globe because the 19th century, a few of whom have made it their summer getaway. Art and palaces of virtually all types are available across the city’s streets. The city is home to many prominent structures like the Parish church of St. Bartholomew and John the Baptist, the remnants of this Kazimierz Dolny Castle, St. Anne Church, along with the numerous historical granaries. Kazimierz Dolny is surrounded by lush greenery and terrific hillsides.


Forever considered the”Winter Capital of Poland,” Zakopane is a small, charming resort city with a great deal of restaurants and stores, and the stunningly stunning snow-clad Tatra Mountains that provide the town it has much-acclaimed fame. Although the city conveys a picnic vibe during the calendar year, the moment the snow falls, countless people make their way to Zakopane to fathom its numerous hiking paths and catch up on the activity which goes on across the bustling streets of Krupowki. Do not overlook Oscypek, a local specialization involving grilled cheese.

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