14 Gorgeous Small Towns in Poland – 2

14 Gorgeous Small Towns in Poland – 2


Złotoryja, allegedly the oldest cities in the nation, is situated by the foothills of Kaczawa, also called the’Land of Dormant Volcanoes. After a famous gold mining town, Złotoryja is best seen in the 13th Century Church of Birth of Saint Virgin Mary. Outside the tiny medieval city is Baszta Kowalska, also called the Blacksmith’s Tower, which appears across the city and is among the numerous leaning towers in the nation. While here, pay a visit to the Gold Mining Museum to instruct yourself concerning the city’s celebrated gold mining ago.


On the foothills of the mighty Carpathian Mountains stays this glorious town that was once considered among the most critical trading cities in Poland. Known to get many historical actions, Biecz is where Wacław Potocki penned the”Chocim War.” Often called as the”small Krakow” in contemporary Poland, the enchanting city is distinguished from the late-Gothic parish church which houses a 1633 music sheet and also is popularly referred to as the largest landmark in the area. Walk down the narrow alleys, respect the historical hall in the Chodor House, and see the museum in the Kromerówka.


Home to one of the largest fortifications in the world, that the Malbork Castle, Malbork is among the most scenic small towns in Poland. Nestled between the wetlands and waterways of the Vistula Delta, Malbork is certainly an unmissable sight on your visit to Poland, particularly when it houses the largest Gothic architecture in Europe.


Host to Europe’s second largest trade fair throughout the 16th and 17th century, Jarosław formerly welcomed businessmen from all over the world. These days, the underground cellars and storage facilities are a main tourist attraction. A lot of the city’s extravagant past has faded however, the imposing townhouses stay till date for a reminder of those yesteryear. Admire the city’s historical palaces and fortifications to find out more about the architecture and history. Go to the Orsetti House which houses a museum entirely devoted to Jarosław. Explore the various churches and synagogues to find out about the notable personalities who dwelt. However, most importantly, enjoy the brilliant design of this town that has nearly remained untouched because it was initially constructed in 1375.


A quaint yet beautiful town in the state of Wielkopolska, Rydzyna is often called the”Pearl of the Polish Baroque”, on account of the many baroque temples and buildings which line the city’s streets. The majority of the architecture from the region are licensed to 17th century architects Jan Stier and Pompeo Ferrari. Nowadays, the historical structures in the 18th and 19th century match the environment they stand inside, together with the very historically important edifice in town, the Rydzyna Castle. Also noteworthy is that the late Baroque style St. Stanisław’s Church, the final resting place of this city’s founder. The Holy Trinity Figure, built in honour of this 1709 plague which decimated the majority of the city’s inhabitants.

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