14 Gorgeous Small Towns in Poland – 1

14 Gorgeous Small Towns in Poland – 1

A nation frequently overlooked by travelers, Poland is home to innumerable historical structures, a huge Baltic coastline, hills and lakes formed in roughly the Pleistocene Ice Age, and fauna and flora species which might not be located anywhere else at the European continent. Aside from the popular cities of Warsaw and Krakow, there are a couple extremely cute villages and tiny cities in Poland which are worth every bit of the own time and energy.


The Royal Free City of Sanok sits right beneath the Carpathian Mountains and about the San River. There are not enough words that could explain the magnificent panoramic views the town offers along with its own rich architecture and history. This tiny city dates back nearly one thousand decades and homes that the Sanok Castle along with the Icon collection — one of the biggest collections of its type in Central in addition to Eastern Europe. The Old Town and the Museum of Folk Architecture will also be popular attractions in the Region. For outdoor and nature lovers, the town of Sanok includes a 70-kilometer trail that may be used by hikers in addition to bikers.


Located within the bounds of Krakow metropolitan region, Wieliczka is famous as home to one of the earliest functional salt mines on the planet — Wieliczka Salt Mine. Among the very distinct characteristics of this gorgeous city is the tradition of the Easter tradition of Siuda Baba — Wieliczka is among the last places in Poland to stay informed about the clinic.


After a popular urban centre in not only Lesser Poland however, the whole nation, Sandomierz is famous for its Old Town — the hottest attraction in this tiny city. Throughout your trip, investigate the underground tourist path and several churches and castles. Also significant is that the Collegium Gostomianum that’s considered as one of the earliest schools in the nation and Sandomierz Cathedral that was initially assembled in 1360 and remodeled in the 18th century.


A tiny city with a bit over 1,000 inhabitants, Chochołów is a real gem for history fans in how the whole town comprises nearly all 19th century historical Polish wooden structures assembled by Góral highlanders. Perched somewhat between the High and the Low Tara Mountain Ranges, the city is surrounded by surreal evergreen woods which are coated with snow come forests and also provide perfectly enchanting hiking paths to people in the summertime.

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