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Hi Everyone! Sorry for taking a long time. I am here to give you wonderful 11 Tips to take care of your eyes. This topic is really best as a trend is going on which we have got so much use of the devices. And these devices are making our eyes get weak. Our eyes are the precious gift from the god which we should really need to take care. If you won’t then you the result is in front of everyone I know it very well and you know the same as I do. So let’s take a look at how can we take care of our eyes by taking a few precautions.

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Many books, Mobile devices, Televisions, PC, Video games, Means lots of Electronic devices and keeping our eyes whole day on it. This makes feel tiresome to our precious eyes. These things can affect our little eyes so we need to take proper care of it.  Let’s come and see 11 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes:-

Let us begin with our topic-

11 Tips to take care of your eyes

 1. Mobile

Mobile is the thing which has become so precious that before sleeping and after waking up it is the first thing we take a look at. You can imagine how much importance it has gained in our daily life.

Safety tip – Keep a distance of approximately 25cm of your eyes from the mobile. Don’t keep your eyes continuously for more than 30 minutes. Every 5 mins give rest to your eyes for 20seconds.

2. Television

Television, those who are addicted to their favourite shows or cartoons or drama then get aware. It will damage your eyes too. It radiates lots of radiations which affects our eyes.

Safety Tip – Stay away from televisions at least 6foot. Then only watch the tv. And one more thing is that never watch television while lying.

3. PC/ Laptop

PC/ Laptop, something on which we are doing our works or playing games or for anything. But we forget that it is also harmful to our eyes.

Safety Tip – Don’t stare at laptop/ PC continuously for a long time. Every 15-20 minutes give rest to your eyes by closing your eyes. Or look somewhere else far away.

4. Lights

You must be thinking how can it affect our eyes. But yes, It can. If the light is dim then our eyes need to focus more on that particular things.

Safety Tips – Wherever you sit to study, make sure there is a proper source of light. So that it can’t affect eyes.

5. Books, Copies

These things also affect if you didn’t really care about it then you should. As continuously giving stress to your eyes will make it tired and pain also.

Safety Tips – Books, copies – if you are studying make sure to keep your books or notebooks 1.5foot away from your eyes.

6. Contact Lens

11 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes | Quotes Empire

If you use contact lens then be careful while using it.

Safety Tip – Keep your lens safely, take the proper safety of your lens if you use it. For example, while using and removing the lenses washing your hands properly with soap. Cleaning your hands and then dry your hands with a clean towel.

7. Specs

We mostly use specs while working to protect from damage of our eyes while using a laptop, or any electronic devices.

Safety Tips – The lens and frames of specs should be of lightweight and should be comfortable and with good fitting. Specs should be like which covers your all eyes. Use your both hand while using or removing the specs. If you won’t do its shape will get distorted.

8. Eye Lids

Staring or looking at something for a long time continuously? No, don’t do it.

Safety Tip – While working or staring at the screen, blink your eyes at least 1 time in every 5 seconds.

9. Sleep

There are many who just love there sleep and many are there who don’t even sleep for the whole night.

Safety Tip – Sleep 8-10 hours every day. By this, it provides relaxing to the eyes.

10. Exercise

Excercise is something which keeps your body and you lively, healthy and cheerful.

Safety Tip – To increase the power of your eyes and to strengthen the muscles exercise is best for eyes.

11. Diet

Diet is also a very important factor related to the eyes.

Safety Tip – Take a proper diet of Vitamin A, like Milk, Carrot, Green vegetables, Fruit/Juice, etc. to increase the power of eyesight.

So, All these are the 11 tips to take care of your eyes. Remember these 11 tips to take care of your eyes, it is simple and easy. And you will be able to keep yourself safe and sound. Hope you like it and will keep in your mind.
At last, I would say just be safe and sound and perfect single piece.
I will keep sharing healthy and spiritual tips you also share if you like it with your family and friends.

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