I am sure this is enough. I never counted how many I use myself, but when I started making a list, it turned out that the number comes close to 15, although I’m not sure they all would be a perfect fit for this article. Huh. With that being said, as a huge football fan, I decided that I would make an opening eleven of my favorites.

In addition to a wide variety of tools, the list includes a few websites that I visit daily as far as my community management efforts are concerned. While not all of the tools listed below are strictly community related, they are the ones that make my squad complete (or at least I think!), And the idea of ​​having some of them is quite terrible.

I felt that it would be good for my team to select a formation, and even when you would not come to a setup like this on a traditional football pitch, I still fixed it in a 2-4-2-3 formation. Goalkeepers are a solid foundation of every football team and even though it may seem strange to go with them both at the same time, you have to closely analyze everything from behind to succeed in the final third of the pitch, correct?

We’ll start with the captain of my team of tools and websites!

I think some of you may be wondering how we, the employees of Brand 24, use our own equipment. I think the answers will vary across departments, but I can tell you a little about this from the community manager’s point of view.

The three most important things for us to use our tool are:

Tracking our brand mentions and all our online conversations
Monitoring industry talks that I can engage and present our point of view
Tracking people for product recommendations on various social networks
I don’t want to elaborate too much on each of those points because it could possibly be another blog post in itself, so I’m brief. We let our customer track their brand, but we are also a brand, and we also need to keep track of all conversations about ourselves.
A screen shot of a project summary in Brand24.

As a community manager, I should be on my toes and react to mentions as soon as they appear online. We promote how important it is to listen to our customers online and we should be the benchmarkers in this regard.

When it comes to all industry negotiations, these are the perfect opportunities to showcase our experience and knowledge. We want to be considered thoughtful leaders in our industry and what better way to do this than to actively participate in all the upcoming talks on social media?

Then we get the third point, which is tracking people for product recommendations. You can ask thousands of people online questions like “Where can I buy?” Or “Anyone can recommend?

Google Analytics

Now, when it comes to analytics, let me tell you how much I was a part of the total greenhorn when I first joined the team. I knew that Google Analytics is one thing, but it would be too much at the time. Fast forward two and a half years, I am no wizard, but I certainly know one thing or two more about it.

What is most important to me is the ability to track the results of my work. I can clearly see what works for me and the company and what does not. To be honest, without Google Analytics or some options you can use, I would not be clear about the results of my work. I will not know what I do to bring results, what my activities are effective and need to be made more difficult, and which brings very few results and must be stopped to spend my time on more scalable things .

I came to a point when I started playing with Data Fun. I like to see how trends change over time and try to come up with conclusions and possible reasons for the changes.

If you think analytics is not just your thing, then I strongly recommend playing for some time. First of all, you should track the results of your work anyway, but more importantly, you can actually enjoy it at some point as much as I do and use the next skill to start your resume. Add to the form.

Community website

Let’s turn to the other key players in my team. What’s great about community building and management is the fact that you don’t always have to build your community from scratch, but can become an active member of already existing communities, and trust me, among them There are many, and they are highly busy.