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10 WAYS TO LOVE? Umm? What am I saying? Huh? Yes, you heard it right. I am going to tell you 10 ways to love. This will be very easy to understand, I will tell you about it in very short. You can grasp it and use it in your love life. All the lovebirds, come here and read this blog. You must give it a try to read it. I bet you will be glad and worthy to spend time here.

Love is beautiful. It is a feeling which comes from under beneath our souls. Deep down from our heart. Till the time we are in love, we all feel like as if it is heaven. But few mistakes get to happen, few mistakes we do such so which make our healthy relationship get worst. This 10 ways to love will never let your relationship go to the worst point. It will always help you if you keep these simple things in your mind.

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So, Now let’s begin our topic 10 ways to love.

10 WAYS TO LOVE | Quotes Empire



Listen Without Interrupting is the First one in the list of Top 10 Ways of Love. Please Listen to the words, listen to the feelings what your partners wants to say. What he/she wants to convey. Because when you will listen then you will get to know what actually he/she means. What their thought is, and might get to know each other and bonding too.


Speaking without accusing is the third one. Most of the person say the points in a tone as if they are making feel the other guilty. Rather than this speak out normally and share what you do not like or what is not comforting you. Doing this will only create problem but not will solve problems. So better speak without accusing.


Give without sparing is the third point of 10 ways to love. Just  give without sparing. If you are giving your love, your time then give it fully. Do not be cautious just make a trust on each other and be together. Make and build future together and for better tomorrow.


Pray without ceasing is the fourth one. If you pray, then Pray without stopping, pray without coming to an end. Always pray for the best. Do it so that everything get fine. Pray for getting well together with each other.


Answer without arguing is the fifth one of top 10 ways to love. We mostly get angry and whatever our partner asks we just answer them back in arguing way. This makes him/her angry also. And this leads to arguments between each other and it goes on if one won’t back down. So just be calm and answer only not argue.


Share without pretending is the sixth one. If we share without behaving so as to make it appear if it is a case even when it is not. Just simply share your views, your thoughts, your ideas, your future. How you can be together, do this. “Sharing is Caring”, so share it without pretending.


Enjoy without complaint is the 7th point of top 10 ways to love. Just enjoy, enjoy the moments spend together. Do not complain that it doesn’t happen, this and that. Just enjoy, keep enjoying. In complaining all the time will get wast instead of it pick that time and make it memorable with being together.


Trust without wavering is the eight one. This is also One of the most important part of love. Trust is one thing which takes time and once if it get broken then it can’t be back like in the real shape of it. So trust and also do everything which keeps him/her trust for always. Trust without wavering, do not be in two minded states and do not hesitate. “If there is love then there is no need of doubt and if there is no love then there is no use of rights.” (“Pyaar h toh shaq kaisa, agar nhi h toh haq kaisa.”). So trust each other.


Forgive without punishing is the 9th one. Learn to forgive each other. Forgiving is the best thing and makes you a beautiful soul. So forgive without punishing. If your partner is doing mistake then make him/her understand by calmness. But if they don’t want to understand then hmm.! Well, it’s other case, just forgive each other.


Promise without Forgetting is the last one but not the least of top 10 ways to love. This 7 character’s word is small but very big enough to destroy everything. If you can’t keep your promise then you are nothing. He/she said take care of yourself then must do, if said to do be together then do it. Date is planned then be ready to keep your promise. Whatever you have promised never broke it. This all things will make you together.

10 WAYS TO LOVE | Quotes Empire

All these were the points to keep in mind and get along with each other. But besides this one more point is UNDERSTANDING, Understand your partner as well. Ain’t it easy? But yeah, It is heck. It’s easy though but little messy too but if you love your partner then do it for sure. Make your partner read this blog. I have written this blog with love so that you all can get love and be loved too. Just pass it on to your loved ones, friends and all. You will keep getting an amazing post like this.

Be always, happy everyone.

Thank you