10 Step Guide to Reselling SSL Certificate

Are you going to adopt a new business venture that regenerates SSL certificates? Our 10 step guide will help you understand how to improve your new offering and give value to your customers.So where does the customer go to buy SSL certificate?  If they cannot easily find an SSL certificate as one of your products, they will often use search engines and find a company that will advertise SSL prominently. It can be the SSL provider that provides your own certificates and is the primary CA or it can be your direct competitor – either you are missing out on easy additional revenue.

Our most successful partners gain additional business by advertising SSL. You can also award SSL certificates as a value-added component of your existing products and solutions, but by using both methods you can attract more and more interest and create a “one-stop shop” situation where your Customers can receive all. Their online requirements from a single supplier, ie.

2. Build awareness within your own customer base

Probably the quickest way to start selling SSL efficiently is through a newsletter announcing the availability of SSL certificates, or a mail blast to your existing customer base. Make sure you are promoting SSL at the point of current certificate expiration, for example when it is time for their renewal.

A Domain Valid Certificate (DV) can be purchased by almost anyone and the only element you have to prove is domain ownership. So who says you can be trusted with the user’s personal information? Explain to your customers that an organization provides a high level of validated and extended validation SSL user / customer trust because you are vetted at a high level and have to prove that your business is really what you say it is. EV will also show up with a green address bar in the browser, displaying additional information including the company name and how reliable it is to issue a CA to indicate to users. Some more information about different types of SSL certificates is available here. You can also promote EVs using our existing partner documentation and upstale tools.

3. Use available market resources and a dedicated account manager

GlobalSign has been promoting SSL and its use successfully for over 20 years. We want you to use our knowledge and experience to create awareness about your customer base. SSL is an essential technique in the fight against phishing scams, man in the middle attack (MIM) and internet fraud. Customers may be at risk of identity theft by snooping only three simple information: name, email address, and telephone number.

4. Implement the ordering API

The API will allow any customer to grant SSL certificate 24/7 365 days a year at any time of the year. This means that you will spend less time manually placing orders through the GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC). GlobalSign provides a complete XML API when required for high volume order requirements. The API allows instant installation on your web page, or a control panel with relatively little coding knowledge required.

5. Be Competitive

When choosing the cost price for your certificates, you should first research what your competitors are selling them for. Try to be competitive in your price offering – at least enough so that you can still get a good margin.

6. Give the customer the option of SSL certificate products

To get high sales on your website, we suggest providing simple product options to your customers. First, give your customers an option based on the level of validation they need: Extended, organization or domain validated certificates based on their identified needs.

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