10 Places to visit in Mohali ( 5-10 )

10 Places to visit in Mohali ( 5-10 )

10 Places to visit in Mohali

  • North Country Mall

The folks of Mohali like to chill and besides the renowned landmarks, you will find a range of recreational places in which you can shop, dine and have fun. The VR Punjab Restaurant, a sprawling complex that’s everything you need under one roof, is just one of these. A indoor games section along with also a huge hypermarket are only some of the key attractions . The mall also houses a microbrewery, and that means that you can sample your favourite beers out of Belgian Wits to old-school stouts. The PVR multiplex here is the best place to capture the hottest Bollywood and Hollywood releases and if you’re a shopaholic, you will find far more than 100 brand stores within the mall to give you a fantastic shopping experience.

  • Rock Garden

Located a brief distance from Mohali, the Rock Garden is a exceptional park which introduced the idea of upcycling artwork long before it turned into a much-loved worldwide trend. Like the world seems to embrace sustainable methods in virtually all facets of life, a trip this can be really inspiring. The garden features a collection of diverse and created installations made of substances you’d see in the normal junkyard. A number of the key attractions here include the waterfall, the dancing women, and porcelain statues. Club your visit to Rock Garden with Sukhna Lake because both of these attractions are close to each other and result in a perfect day with your loved ones and children.

  • Gurudwara Nabha Sahib

The Gurudwara complex provides a calm setting for serenity seekers once the crowds are minimal. A trip to the Gurudwara Nabha Sahib is suggested for people who wish to find out more about the culture. The large fair conducted each September, known as Jor Mela, is a significant crowd puller attended by tens of thousands.

  • Mansa Devi Temple

Constructed about two centuries before, the temple is devoted to Goddess Mansa Devi. The temple complex is about 100 yards and there are lots of structures inside, each having a distinctive layout and structure. The Patiala Temple found includes a tower using a scaled feel while the Yagya Shala is just another remarkable building in the temple complex. The major shrine features dome-style structure and boasts a mix of Hindu and Persian influences in its own complex details.

  • Sukhna Lake

Located near the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary and disperse more than 3 square km, this manmade lake constructed in 1958 is a hotspot for action from sunrise. The waterside promenade is a place created for intimate walks, jogging, and running and you might also catch some magnificent sunset images at the banks of this lake. Bird watchers will delight in going to the lake because it’s home to migratory geese throughout winter and a lot of other native species throughout the year. While here, you may even enjoy a round boating on the lake, get your portrait drawn by talented musicians, enjoy some yummy grubs in the food stalls and purchase souvenirs in the souvenir stores.

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