10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Norway – 2

10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Norway – 2

  • Forlandet National Park

Wow. Located directly on the west shore of the Svalbard archipelago, the park includes enormous swathes of sea in addition to the entirety of Prins Karls Forland Island. Its striking attributes are awe-inspiring and you’ll end up lost in thought wanting to take in every last detail of the magnificent all-natural realm. The enormous alpine hills and colossal glaciers predominate Forlandet and sweeping shores extend from them to the space. House to the northernmost populations of rock seals and guillemots, the walruses who descend on the beaches are great to behold in their normal surroundings. Have a boat trip round the sea cliffs that tower imposingly over you makes for a memorable adventure in this crazy and beautiful park.

  • Femundsmarka National Park

Untouched and untamed, its magnificent scenery gives a sense of calmness as you traipse your way across the beautiful paths and trails that weave their way among the marshes and lakes which dominate the playground. The sparse forests in Femundsmarka add number to the lakes and lakes that stunningly symbolize the clouds and skies above. Slowly paddling across the countryside will soothe your spirit and make you want to return again and again to bask in its calm ambiance. Low-lying hills and hills form a beautiful background to the glittering bodies of water along with the birds flying overhead finish the unbelievable scene.

  • Jostedalsbreen National Park

Home to the biggest glacier in southern Europe, this natural park is beautiful to behold. Gazing through the extraordinary panoramas that lie before you, your heart will ache with all the beauty of the scene such is your splendor on display. The rugged gray hills lie thickly between the blue sky above and the deep blue waters beneath, although the blindingly bright white snow mesmerizingly reflects at the crystal clear rivers and lakes. Lush green valleys incline away from the peaks and pinnacles, including colour and life into the scenic scenes. Suffering through the varied landscapes won’t ever stop to amaze regular people to the park these will be the endless collection of awe-inspiring perspectives to relish each and every moment.

  • Folgefonna National Park

Situated on a peninsula where it draws its name, Folgefonna National Park has several amazing all-natural wonders which can entice and delight visitors. Three huge glaciers dominate the park’s attributes and they’re able to impressively reach around 400 meters in depth. As always, the panoramic mountains which are so characteristic of Norway protrude and pop up from beneath the snow, reaching towards the skies and dominating the skyline. In summer, the park becomes a sea of colours as lush green grasses, fauna and flora spring into life from the sloping shore that extend towards the rocky and bare mountains. Beautiful rivers dash between the hills, hurtling and tumbling their way to the sea and incorporating their squirt into the wet and wild landscape.

  • Jotunheimen National Park

The glacier scarred terrain of Jotunheimen National Park is interesting to research and with over 250 peaks reaching over 1900 meters in height; you are going to have your hands full attempting to shoot in all there is to see and do. The greatest peaks in the playground, Galdhopiggen and Glittertind, are two of the park’s most striking characteristics which are arrestingly beautiful with their snow-capped pinnacles glinting in sunlight. Turquoise lakes fill the ravines left by the slow-moving glaciers those eons again and they simply increase the scenic scenery on display. Using various incredible sights just waiting to be found, head across the winding trails to locate the greatest perspective. Among the most popular national parks in Norway, the undoubted highlight of Jotunheimen is your opinion out of Besseggen ridge; breathtakingly lovely it’ll leave long-lasting memories for example its natural grandeur.

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