10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Norway – 1

10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Norway – 1

In this densely populated portion of the earth, the air is fresh, the environment is fresh and you truly feel at one with each the pristine jungle around you.

The most iconic pictures of Norway all involve the magnificent fjords that scar that the scene and cause such scenic and stunning views. The deep seas which weave their way between the landmasses and the rocky mountains which dominate its shores just increase the ideal scenes on display.

Assessing these extraordinary settings would be to actually immerse yourself in nature, apart from your entire world. With such a wealth of natural wonders on screen, here would be the most beautiful national parks in Norway for one to discover and revel in.

  • Breheimen National Park

A property of ever-changing scene, the several arenas in Breheimen National Park seamlessly intertwine and blend before you emerge from a very different world. Named after the mountain range that overlooks the playground, there are an array of beautiful sights for people to enjoy. The craggy mountains give way to woods covered valleys which consequently trundle down to arctic cold rivers which run to the deep lakes concealed beneath the scenery. With trekking, skiing and mountaineering online offer, the varied attractions will give you a fresh sense of appreciation to your pristine environment all about you. Situated high up in the mountains, glaciers lie in await adventurous explorers to find them all again, recapturing that feeling of amazement and astonishment in the colossal expanses of ice.

  • Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Established to conserve and protect the pristine alpine ecosystem of the wild and wondrous place, the park is a fantastic spot to get lost amidst the abundance of organic sights on display. The sprawling mountains make for delightful hiking and, independently in the wild, you’ll feel a sense of calmness and tranquillity encounter you. Walking through this rich and historical landscape, you may hardly don’t observe the abundance of flora and fauna which dots the playground. Lucky visitors can even catch a glimpse of a few of the critters like the reindeer, musk oxen and wolverines that predict the park their property. A couple of the primary attractions of Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella would be the maximum summit in the playground, Snohetta, along with also the lovely Amotan Waterfall. While the former lofty summit towers in around 2200 meters in height, it’s the heady heights of Amotan which are the standout feature of the park.

  • Sor-Spitsbergen National Park

Located north of the mainland of Norway from the Svalbard archipelago, this massive national park is composed mostly of sprawling, interminable ice caps and glaciers that extend up to the eye could see. This ocean of white is amazing to behold and it’s this untouched beauty which makes Sor-Spitsbergen National Park so worth seeing despite its distant location. Only the hardiest of birds and animals eke out a living yet despite this, the region is home to many kinds of birds that flock over the bare scenery.

  • Hardangervidda National Park

The biggest national park in the nation; it’s reasonable to state that Hardangervidda includes a correspondingly diverse collection of activities and attractions to stun and delight any visitor to this park. Biking, biking or horseback riding through the jungle of this colossal mountain plateau that overlooks the place makes you feel as if you’re stepping back in time because you’re not likely to meet a lot of people in your journeys. Enormous herds of reindeer make their way between the lakes and rivers which dot this expansive landscape which changes from bare stone to grassy wetlands.

  • Rondane National Park

If you’re a fan of towering peaks, indomitable hills and sprawling plateaus then look no farther as Rondane has these in abundance in addition to several other all-natural sights to enjoy. With ten peaks at the playground towering over 2000 meters in elevation, the park is ideal for hikers attempting to lose themselves among the hills and enjoy the magnificent scenery on display. Interspersed between these peaks are a collection of rolling valleys, little canyons and low-lying woods and scrubland. The maximum mountain, Rondeslottet, is bare, rugged and unwelcoming to behold that is actually what makes it scenic. Wild reindeer maraud across the playground and just increase the scenic scenery on screen.

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