10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Northern Norway – 2

10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Northern Norway – 2

  • Alta

Alta, situated in Norway’s far northwest, has lots of things going for this. It’s a subarctic climate which makes it a favorite year’round travel destination. It is not just a fantastic spot to observe the northern lights however, a wonderful spot to see ancient rock art. Over 6,000 stone carvings have been found since 1973; an open air memorial are located in Jiepmaluota, roughly 3 kilometers from Alta. Remaining in an igloo resort is a fantastic wintertime alternative here.

  • Bodo

A section of this central city is known as”Swedish city” since Sweden helped construct new home after the majority of the city was destroyed by World War II bombing. Located on a peninsula, Bodø is the point where the railroad endings and a jumping-off stage for the Lofoten Islands. Saltstraumen, called the world’s most powerful tides, are only outside Bodø. Additionally, it is a fantastic spot to view northern lights dance across the night skies. Fishing, fishing and boating are popular activities. Having a strong arts community, it’s a great spot to purchase Norwegian crafts.

  • Nordkapp

For the majority of the year, the Nordkapp area has just over 3,000 inhabitants. The northernmost point in Europe linked with the worldwide road network, and its lighthouse. The scene in his distant area is not too shabby, either. Getting here is also an experience as it entails going through a 6.9-km (4.3-mile) underwater tube.

  • Tromso Locate Hotels

Located 350 kilometers (217 miles) north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the perfect spot to pursue the northern lights. It’s home to the planet’s northernmost botanical garden and golf program. Tromsø hosts a global film festival along with also a northern lights festival each year, also has an energetic nightlife scene. Tromsø is a beer-drinker’s paradise, with much more bars than any other metro town.

  • Lofoten Islands

They are off the beaten path, but travellers who hunt them out will be rewarded with exceptional opportunities for experience. The listing comprises holiday between the islands, fishing and simply enjoying the scenic scenery, such as quaint cities with picture-postcard harbors. This wilderness outpost is surrounded by quite fjords and magnificent mountains, with a landscape that’s punctuated with seabirds. This property of the Vikings boasts the Lofotr Viking Museum along with also a living museum in Borg that centers around a first Viking longhouse.

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