10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Northern Norway – 1

10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Northern Norway – 1

Northern Norway is a fantastic spot to stop by any time of year. It is all dependent on travellers’ interests. The land of the midnight sun provides 24 hours of daylight during the summertime, so travelers can fish or raise anything the hour. Winters at the far north could be unpleasant, but skiers and dog-sledders are rugged folk. The area is famed for its aurora borealis, vibrant lights which apparently dance across the night skies.

  • Vesteralen

Vesterålen is an archipelago situated north of the Lofoten Islands. It is very scenic, with cities located between the hills and the fjords. Using its white beaches, Vesterålen is a fantastic spot to not just observe the northern lights but also watch birds and sperm whales, that feed near the shore. Travelers might want to increase the Queen’s Route, a nine-mile marked trail along the shore and over a mountain into a village. The fishing villages are famous due to their colorful wooden homes.

  • Hammerfest

The Vikings might have assaulted Great Britain centuries ago, however, the British obtained even in 1809 if they assaulted Hammerfest, the most scenic town in the world. The municipality is also notorious for receiving the first electric street lights in Europe and served as a German U-boat foundation in World War II. It had been completely destroyed in the war as a portion of the Germans’ scorched earth policy. As the oldest town in northern Norway, Hammerfest delivers exceptional fishing and wilderness adventures. A vital attraction is the museum dedicated to Arctic hunting and fishing; it is also where visitors could join the Polar Bear Club.

  • Kirkenes

It’s situated not too far from the boundary with Russia and Finland, so travelers are going to want to see the Border Area Museum. The city’s central square is home to some Russian marketplace on the last Thursday of each month. Kirkenes is accessible by boat, airport and street.

  • Vega Archipelago

Inhabited since the Stone Age, the Vega Archipelago is a set of 500 islands from the Norwegian Sea. Here, fishermen ply the seas as they need for 1,500 decades. In addition they harvest down the feathers out of eider ducks, in an Arctic Circle environment that’s inhospitable for life. Although the environment is unpleasant, the archipelago is panoramic with lighthouses, eider nesting homes and quaint fishing villages. The islands are very popular with bird watchers who come to see over 230 species of birds. Hiking and biking are all great techniques to learn more about the islands.

  • Narvik

Skiers will love Narvik, which delivers a number of the greatest alpine and intense ski in Norway. What is more intriguing than ski down a mountain that provides panoramic views of the fjord below! The fjord provides exceptional fishing; the vent is ice-free from the winter. As a result of this, Narvik was significant to either side in World War II. Visitors can find out more about this in the War Museum. The Museum Nord gives people a opportunity to find out more about the region and regular lifestyle in Narvik. Art lovers will not want to overlook Skulpturlandscap, where bits of sculpture is seen around town.

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