10 great mobile development influencers

It is quite important to keep up to date with the latest news and discoveries in your industry, especially in the tech industry given that everything develops and changes so fast. A great and easy way to do this is to follow some affected. In fact it helps you know the trends of latitudes and the hottest technologies.

As I mentioned, everything changes around us. Especially for developers. So yes, following mobile influencers can help a lot in knowing about tips, news, advice, trends. But to know who to follow also takes time, you have to do even more research and research. I am not lying, there are hundreds of people who are extremely interesting, but it is not realistic to look at them all closely. The list below is not about the best mobile development affected in the world, it is a list of those we follow in the beginning and we believe that these are amazing cracks!

Jason kennen

Jason is a freelance mobile app developer, building mobile apps for iPhone, iOs, iPad and Android with experience in ASP and .NET. Is developing. Jason contributed to open-source projects and wrote his own modules, widgets, and apps for Titanium Mobile. In addition to coding, he often works with companies as development lead, architect and mentor. On their blog, BouncingFish, you can find great advice for developers.

Qin Lane

The family has over 20 years of experience as a database, database administrator, architect, product developer, manager and executive. They aim to help understand the value and potential of APIs and have decided to focus on API Evangelist.

Boris Boling

Boris is a software developer focusing on the user experience that Apple likes to build for devices. He specializes in mobile apps, distributed computing, code generation, coupling of programming languages, and network programming.

Kayal Fuller

Kyle Fuller is a software and mobile app developer focused on mobile experiences. For some time now he has been crafting apps (mostly iPhones and iPads) and developer tools and is quite active in many open source communities. In addition, they have developed apps such as Palaver and actually work in Cocode.

Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka has been developing iOS since iOS 4 and he just loves writing Swift and if you want to read more I would recommend reading his blog. He is very active and has given many talks, for example CMD + U conference, iOSCon & try! Swift (and many others).


Keith builds OS X and iOS apps and is actually working as an iOS engineer at Lyft. He has become the primary eyeglass repo mentor at CocoaPods where he manages 3rd party submissions. A true believer in the philosophy of open source (almost) everything, Keith has used many of his works and tools, which he uses on a daily basis.


He has been in the mobile development sector for over 5 years now and has worked in such great companies as Redbooth & 8fit. Pedro believes in the power of openness and loves sharing information and discoveries through his web, and obviously, he loves open source and so you can find all of his projects on his Github account.

Greg HEO

Greg is a Canadian software developer who is actually working on Instagram on iOS. Over the years he has gained a lot of experience in iOS, front end web and server side programming. Greg writes from time to time at Reverendlich.com (high quality tutorials on the web) and has also appeared in some of his videos. If you attend conferences or events, you must have seen it!

Rui perez

Rui has been developing for iOS since 2010 and specializes in Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch. He is currently a prominent software engineer at MailOnline, but has experience in many different industries that have gone through many others, from e-commerce to banking. He has also worked a lot with startups and open source projects and loves helping others.

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