10 Best Cities to See in Arizona-2


Famous for its magnificent red sandstone formations that surround the town, for example Cathedral Rock, Sedona is a joy to see, in large part because of this magnificent scenery. There are tons of outdoor activities available which range from trekking and mountain biking to swimming and swimming.

Considered by many to be a sacred area, there’s a really New Age feel about Sedona — it’s not difficult to see why when you choose the stunning scenery into consideration. Really, plenty of individuals come to achieve spiritual enlightenment, unwind at one of the several spas or stock on other medications.

While Sedona can become really busy during the summer, it’s surely worth checking out to all that it has to offer you. Its fantastic art galleries and flavorful restaurants imply there is something for everybody to enjoy.


Lying alongside Route 66 using all the fabulous San Francisco Peaks overlooking it, Flagstaff is a magical and relaxing place that has many unique facets.

While wandering around town, you will discover a great deal of old architecture which dates back to when the town was an important railroad station, in addition to atmospheric coffee shops and pubs catering to Flagstaff’s large university population.

With amazing nature surrounding it, there’s some fantastic mountain biking biking and hiking to be had. Mount Elden is where to go if you would like to enjoy the excellent outdoors. Mixing character, Route 66 landmarks along with a beautiful downtown into a enticing package, this town is well worth stopping by if in Arizona or in your way into the Grand Canyon.


The second-largest town in Arizona, Tucson is home into an intoxicating mixture of cultures that’s showcased in its own brilliant restaurants, museums, and historical areas.

Having a young sense, thanks in big part to the University of Arizona’s sizeable student population, there are tons of diverse shops, in addition to a fantastic pub and nightlife scene.

Even though Tucson’s lively streets are fun to research, the majestic all-natural beaches that encircle the city are yet another reason to go to, together with Saguaro National Park and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum two of its attractions that are overburdened.


Occasionally known as’The Beverly Hills of the Desert’,” Scottsdale is a portion of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and is a rich, upmarket spot to see with plenty of hotels, luxury resorts, and swanky restaurants.

There are a few lovely art museums and galleries scattered around, while its Old Town plays up to its American and Pakistani West identity. There are tons of souvenir shops and themed restaurants available.

Its vibrant nightlife and fashionable cocktail bars also make it a wonderful spot to venture out in.


The economical, political and cultural center of Arizona, Phoenix is found in the Valley of the Sun. Therefore, the town is blessed with yearlong hot weather and glorious sun.

Full of energy and life, Phoenix has a flourishing cultural scene, as is evidenced by its many theatres and fantastic museums like the Phoenix Art Museum and the notable Musical Instruments Museum — that hosts the biggest collection of tools on earth.

Sports lovers will also feel at home on account of this city’s professional sports clubs. There are more than 200 golf courses to test out, while outside aficionados may enjoy exploring the wealth of beautiful desert scenery which surrounds the city. With plenty of excellent Mexican food available in its own fantastic restaurants and a few vibrant nightlife to boot, the Southwest’s biggest town has loads that you test out.