10 Best Cities to See in Arizona-1

10 Best Cities to See in Arizona-1

If folks consider Arizona, the very first things that spring to mind are the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley; although the scenery in these areas is definitely stunning, the country is home to more than simply old stones.

Its many towns are filled with wonderful historical sites, pulsating nightlife, and excellent restaurants, although its people are equally as friendly and welcoming as they come.

Together with the famed Route 66 passing throughout the country, it is possible to stop off and explore a few of its many milestones, get a sense of the Old West in a few of Arizona’s atmospheric saloons, or find out more about the rich Native American culture in one of the numerous archaeological websites or bookings.

Wherever you move, you will make certain to discover amazing landscapes, and Arizona’s cities would be the ideal place to stop by before delving to the majestic scenery about you.


Having undergone extensive renovations because of its centenary party in 2014, Yuma is filled with pretty small parks and you’ll find two or three great museums to boot up. The Territorial Prison museum, for example, serves up a fascinating history linked to the period it had been called’the Hellhole of the West’.

As a result of its proximity to Mexico, there is a lot of excellent Mexican food available, and its own yearlong blue sky and sun create Yuma a nice spot to stop by.

Lake Havasu City

Unexpectedly, it’s home to the first London Bridge.

Set up for sale in 1967 because it was falling down, the town purchased and reassembled itit is currently the principal attraction along with the touristy’English Village’ that are available at one end of this arrangement.

Aside from that, there’s not really that far to see or do in Lake Havasu City, besides to enjoy the lake and go sailing on its own waters, try some watersports, or just watch the gorgeous sunsets.


Flanked by hills, Prescott is a pleasant place to go to.

Even the Old West town is enchanting to walk around using its own leafy centre, welcoming cafes, along with also the famous Whiskey Row’s lively saloons.

Situated in a scenic setting, Prescott’s amazing landscapes are fantastic for exploring by horseback, on foot or by bicycle. The fresh mountain air feels a thousand miles away in the searing desert heat of a number of Arizona’s additional cities.


The next largest city in Arizona, Mesa is a part of Greater Phoenix and has been founded by Mormons all of the way back from the late 1800s.

The intriguing museums create Mesa worth checking out; its fabulous all-natural history museum and tradition for childhood are a couple of the very best on offer, although the Mesa Arts Centre is home to a range of theaters and art galleries.

Away from culture and arts, Mesa has some superb outdoor activities for people to enjoy. You can go biking or swimming at one of its lakes or go trekking at the local Tonto National Forest — one of the biggest forests in the States.


Therefore, there’s a really young feel about the area and a great deal of life in Tempe revolves round the college. As an example, there are plenty of restaurants and stores in the city, in addition to excellent sporting facilities and plenty of pubs, providing Tempe a lively nightlife scene.

A stylish place to live, tons of research-based industries can be found in Tempe. A lot of men and women go to the city for a few of those conventions, events or shows which are held , while also stopping in to sample the most booming culinary scene or lively nightlife.

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